Is this a niche I can attack?

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Hi, I´m a little bit excited and here is why:

After doing some keyword research in a market where money can definitely be made I found out this:

A long-tail keyword with > 1000 searches a day ( Checked with Google KWTool)
Google competition for this is big -> over 3 million pages
If I put the keyword in quotation marks -> 10% of it, so around 300k pages

Now its getting interesting:

Doing the research with "" I found out for the first 5 spots on Google with the links command: 1 page has ~ 2k backlinks (not #1), the other 4 under 1k each. <- This is definitely doable

Doing the allintitle research there were 30k/1k competitors (w/o and with qoutatation marks)

That are the facts:

What are the chances of getting a peace of the cake? Can I attack this niche or is the competition too hard to get something out of it.

About the fact that searching with "keyword" the #1 spot can definitely be taken over by me. Does that make any sense? Are people actually searching in google with "" marks?

Any answer would be appreciated
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    Before attacking on the niche, if I were you, I would ask myself these few questions:
    1. Do I have enough knowledge in this area?
    2. If yes, what are my strategies?
    3. Do I see myself doing this niche for the next 3 to 5 years?
    4. Am I happy doing this?

    My 2 cents,
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      I can answer all with yes, experience, knowledge, fun, writing skills and ideas, a service to promote etc.

      I also have a strategy. I am doing the flowcharts right now and want to tweak them here and there, because I have to implement a backlink strategy. But there are alot of forums and blogs and I know about the topic, so this would not be a problem and linking strategies are longterm.

      But as the efforts could take 1-2 months to take effect....

      I want to know: How does the fact of the top spots in google for the keyword in quotations affect my strategy?

      I can make it there, no questions asked, but does this make sense? Are people actually searching for sites with quotation marks?

      Sorry for being so newbielike, but I don´t have experience in SEO, cause I´m more a product creator than a SEO expert and membership sites are promoted via PPC

      So basically I am doing a research and don´t know what to deduct from my results

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