Best paid targeted traffic sources that worked for you?

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Hey guys,

I wanted to ask you for the best paid targeted trafic sources that worked for you?
i know that AdWords is one and it's pretty good but do you use other sources that provide targeted traffic?

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    It depends on what you are marketing, FaceBook can be a good option. I like solo ads using responsive lists, definitely one of the best ways to go.
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    Mine has been soloads.

    A soload is simply an endorsement of your product by someone else who already owns a big list, in exchange for a fee. Some of them can actually send you up to 3000 targeted people, and if your offer is great, you can easily get a list of 1200 – 1500 people overnight. And if you’ve added one-time offers, you’ll recover some of your costs instantly.

    I highly recommend this for everyone wishing to fasttrack his success.

    To your success,

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    If you want to do targeted then you need to do your reseach on sites or lists that you want to use. As for directory's a simple google search will give you lots.

    Here is a resouce that I use for finding out if a site has enough traffic to put banners on.

    Home | Compete

    I hope that this helps.

    Your Friend in Internet Marketing
    Ken Somerville
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    This is how I've been working with paid traffic:

    1. SoloAds: This has helped my IM list significantly.

    2. PlentyOfFish ads: Very good for dating and weight loss offers

    3. Facebook ads: This has helped with other niches for me like Forex systems.
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    We work with other private networks for targeted traffic. It really depends on what kind of conversion you are looking at and what the purpose is for the traffic. Some of our clients just need to have the traffic to boost the Alexa ranking, then just go ahead and purchase the traffic from reputable sources like PlantyOfFish or even Adwords. Otherwise for immediate conversion to cash then promote your links via twitter is so far the best results we have got. Although there are many steps to take for various purposes.
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    1. Solo Ads
    2. PPC
    3. Facebook Ads
    4. Banners
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    Basically Solo Ads and PPC.

    Solo ads are mainly used for building your list, it's when you pay a list owner to send
    your offer to their list for a fee. You buy "clicks" and the seller guarantees to send a
    certain amount of clicks to your offer. Here is a good directory that rates solo ad
    sellers: Reed Floren's Solo Ad Directory

    With PPC you have to be very careful and know what you are doing, cause if not,
    you can lose lot of money and not achieve anything. I advise all the newcomers to
    start with free traffic sources and when things start to roll and get to know how
    things works, to experiment with paid on a smaller scale.
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    solo ads have worked great for me

    ive not even bothered trying any other forms of paid traffic because my solo ad campaigns have proven to be so profitable i have no need to use any other paid method and not only that with my solo ad resources i have enough traffic to build my list to 100k plus so the traffic is pretty much on permanant supply

    im a firm beliver in if something is working for you why change

    its not like free traffic methods where you need fresh leads every day because your trying to make 1 off sales

    with list building once i have a good amount of subs i will have a great leveraging tool that i can use

    i may try out other paid traffic methods at some stage but for now solo ads for me are pure gold :- (shouldnt really be saying that here lol)

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    thank you guys for this valuable info. I used Adwords and Facebook Ads for paid traffic but I will expand my paid traffic with others that you mentioned here.

    I will give them a try
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    You can also purchase some targeted traffic from those traffic sellers.

    However if your money is tight then go with Twitter traffic..
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    Facebook Ads work Good in my case.
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    I do alot of stuff with facebook ads, as well as good luck
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    i think if you want to get some traffic for your business you should use
    Buy Ads | BuySellAds
    chose a cheap site and advertise there
    make sure to see the details for the site
    hope this help you
    best regards.
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    I get solo ads over at Safe swaps which seem to be quality.

    James Scholes
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    Solo Ads have always worked pretty well for me. I've also used a number of Banner Ad Networks in the past as well.
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    What kind of ROI do you guys get on your advertising?
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    Best paid traffic that works for me:

    1. Google Display Network (not the Search Network)
    2. Solo Ads (for list building)
    3. BuySellAds
    4. Kontera
    5. CPX Interactive
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    There are TONS and TONS of media ad
    companies out there. You need to just
    try and take a look into them.

    I like Bing personally, they are more
    relaxed as compared to Adwords,
    which can be a pain in the neck, and
    sometimes a blow to the stomach.

    Winston Tian
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    I use Revisitors. They do deliver real traffic. They have lots of plans you can choose from.

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