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You saw a shirt for $97.

You didn't have the cash, so you borrowed $50 from your mom and $50 from your dad = $100.

You bought the shirt and had $3 change.

You gave your dad $1 and your mom $1 and kept the other $1 for yourself.

Now you owe your mom $49 and your dad $49.

$49 + $49 = $98

+ your $1 = $99.

Where is the missing $1?
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    owed 50+50=100
    change 100-97=3
    gift? 50-1=49
    owed 49*2=98
    value 97+1=98
    missing 98-98=0

    OK, so WHERE did you get the 99? Oh well, you ended up borrowing $98(2*49). You ended up getting $98 values(97+1(97 dollar shirt +$1)). You gained NOTHING!
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    It didn't go anywhere.
    You spent $97, and gave $1 to each parent and kept $1 which equals $100.
    You owed each parent $49 (total $98) and paid each parent $1 (total $2) = $100. If you paid the $1 you kept for yourself back to your parents, then the reduced amount you would've owed them would be $97.
    PS. Not my solution BTW
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    Well in reality you may have borrowed $50 from each parent although out
    of each $50 you only spent $48.50 from each.

    $48.50 x 2 = $97 and you have $3 out of the hundred remaining
    If you gave Mom $1 and Dad $1 and the son kept the other Dollar

    I'd say mathematically it's all good!
    And you my friend need to revisit Math 101...lol j/k

    I love brain teasers.

    Have a Great Day!
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    You don't need to add the $1 that you took. It is included in the $49 you owe each of your parents.
    Therefore the equasion equals $2.

    You borrow $50 from each of your parents ($100)
    You buy your shirt -$97 =($3).
    You give $1 each back to your parents = ($1)

    What you owe your parents is $50 - $1 each, ($49x2) = $98.
    The dollar that you took is included in the $98.
    So, $98 plus the $2 that you gave your parents =$100.

    In effect, the missing dollar is sitting in front of you unaccounted for because you took it.

    Or, a short answer would be, The other dollar went in your pocket, Or was used to buy candy
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    Didn't you work for Bernie Madoff at one time?
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    You're mixing assets and debits.

    On your debt side, you have two entries for $49, which means you have $98 total debt.

    On your credit side you have a $97 shirt and $1, which equals $98.

    You can't add the $1 credit in your pocket to the $98 you owe.

    OR - to think about it differently, you have PROFITED $98 ($97 shirt and $1), and your parents each contributed half. 2 x $49=$97 + $1.

    I ask my counseling clients about the three guys who go to a hotel, room for three is $30, each pay $10. Later the manager comes down and discounts the room by $5. Gives the bellhop five singles to return to the men. He determines that he can't divide $5 by three, so he pockets $2 and gives them each back one.

    $10 paid, less $1, equals $9.

    $9 x three guys equals $27

    Plus the two the bellboy has in his pocket equals $29...

    See, mixing profit and loss. Amounts paid to amounts gained.

    It should be $25 + $2 = 3 x $9

    Thanks for the riddle!
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    The trick is in the fact that you are going the wrong way. You are going toward 100 when you say 49+49 = 98 and then you're adding the dollar to get 99, when you should've subtracted the dollar to get 97. You could've either given your mom or dad the dollar and then it would've been 49+48 = 97. Or you could've still given the dollar to both parents, .50 to each to keep it even. Then it would be 48.5 + 48.5 = 97. Done.
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    Originally Posted by rnjonjo View Post

    Where is the missing $1?
    Gone to the Tax Office where all money ends up eventually.
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    It's in my pocket.
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    You took the other dollar! LOL. This is so cute.

    You owe your parents $98. The shirt is $97. You kept the other dollar.
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    Riddle me this, two coins add up to $0.30 and one of them isn't a nickel.

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