Google Sniper 2.0, refund, need help

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So I bought the google sniper 2.0 for 70 dollars if I am not wrong, and since I am a minor 18 -, right now I am 16 turning 17 in a couple of days, looks like my subscription got canceled, now the question is will I get a refund, or I just lost all my money, I can not acess their support tab since I do not have amembership, could anyone link me to the support tab, or a support chat, because I am kinda of lost in here.Thank you very much! :confused:
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    Two things. This isn't the Google Sniper help desk. Second, you need to be 18 to be a member here. Good luck.
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    Thanks, never said this was the help desk, just trying to ask for some help.
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      Don't know if it will be refunded - but you need to stop ignoring terms that say "you must be 18". Like on this forum....

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    I think you have put this in the wrong place. Refund should not be an issue with that product.
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    Yep. And, for a long time, we didn't enforce that rule. Mostly because I didn't know it was there. The last time I agreed to a TOS here was in 1997, I think.

    We are enforcing it now. And yes, before you ask, Caleb is now 18.

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