Ways to Improve your Site Ranking ?

by Diah Fatmawati 9 replies
I don't belive if you say there is a few way to improve you ranking in the search engine. I truly belive each website have many others way to do that. What is your experience?
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    you know, there are only two way to ranking your site
    first, paid rank (paid backlinks)
    and second, seo for your site
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  • paid backlinks can be dangerous, it might get you slapped by Google but simple things like Website Speed, Top notch on page SEO and branding strategies can go along way
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    Hi Diah,

    As per my experience with small and big client. If you want to see the improvement in your ranking then

    1. Start listing your business on top 50 listing sites and your local listing sites. Do continuous task on them like start
    posting content, reviews writing etc. on those listing sites.

    2. Create internal blog and start sharing keyword targeted posts. So that you can also target your keywords form here.

    3. start using www.linksmanagement.com . This is paid but it can give you some good quality links which you can't find by searching.

    4. Use Google+ that can also help you in getting ranking.

    If you need detailed suggestions then please mention your website name at here. I will share my experience may be that will be helpful for you.


    Abhishek Nigam
    Owner | Search Engine Times |

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    Make your website good content and take unique and related keyword for your business,and build quality link building day by day.
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  • As stated by earlier users, of course, paid backlinks and good SEO are fruitful, but yea, social media should also be employed to do the magic, and it does if followed honestly.
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      Originally Posted by abhishekknigam View Post

      3. start using www.linksmanagement.com . This is paid but it can give you some good quality links which you can't find by searching.

      4. Use Google+ that can also help you in getting ranking.
      Linksmanagement is a very dubious service. Also, Google+ doesn't really do anything for your rankings.

      Originally Posted by himaninegi View Post

      Do seo off page seo as well as on page seo
      Wow! What an insight!
      Links in signature will not help your SEO. Not on this site, and not on any other forum.
      Who told me this? An ex Google web spam engineer.

      What's your excuse?
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    You should do social media that is more help for you getting ranking in any search engine.
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    You want to improve your site ranking regularly update your content and also change put good phase and keep it unique,then go for off page submission,create more quality of back link.
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    Yes I agree with you, there are many ways to improve website ranking
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