[WAMA] Brian Massey - The Conversion Scientist - Thursday 6th November 4pm CST/CDT

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I’m Brian Massey, the Conversion Scientist™

I’m founder of the website optimization company Conversion Sciences and author of the book Your Customer Creation Equation.

I’m doing a Warrior Ask Me Anything session right here on the Warrior Forum on Thursday 6th November 4pm CST/CDT, and you should tune in.

What questions can you ask me?
  • What frustrates our visitors who would otherwise buy from us?
  • How do I decide what I should test?
  • How much traffic do I need to do split testing?
  • What are the things that increase conversion rates most reliably?
  • How is generating leads different from generating online sales?
  • Should I use video on my landing pages?
  • Brian, what optimization tools do you like?

Basically, you can ask me about anything having to do with online marketing except questions about SEO.

Pose your question as a haiku and win a signed copy of my book.
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