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[MUST READ] YouZign - Online Graphic design and Banner Maker tool
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[B][CENTER][SIZE="3"]graphic design tool and an online banner maker!

YouZign is offering Warrior another Warrior Special Offer (WSO). You can check it out here. Effectively rather than paying $197 for Lifetime Access (or $97 for yearly, $9.99 for monthly), you only pay $37 for LIFETIME access. Yes that’s an incredible deal for a software like YouZign that doesn’t require any installation to make banners, business cards, website headers, Youtube headers, Facebook graphics (+ content), and just about most other basic graphic design work you might need as an internet marketer, SEO specialist/offline consultant, or aspiring start-up founder!

It also works great for business owners such as your local mom and pop shop. It give you all the functional designs you need, done for you templates you can customize and an easy interface that doesn’t require technical graphic design skills to master!
If you’re looking for an effective graphic design tool that works online, then I’d recommend YouZign 10/10. Certainly, one of the BETTER WSO and graphic design tools out there.

What is YouZign?
YouZign is an online graphic design software that merges simplicity with functionality. Unlike Photoshop which typically requires complicated training to know what you’re doing and how to maximize the full potential of the software, YouZign allows anyone with an eye for aesthetics to create fashionable and professional designs for their website, business, or marketing campaigns. It's an online banner maker importantly.

It’s excellent for individuals who need basic designs and don’t want to pay exorbitant fees and wait for a graphic designer. It’s also useful for those who want quick, simple but effect designs and don’t need the complexity of a full install design tool like Photoshop. (or the high costs either)

YouZign does the following:
Facebook Cover Photo: Create fancy Facebook covers for your pages to differientiate and brand yourself with YouZign. What would previously be a bland old picture can now be a branding opportunity and call to action! YouZign makes you money (as any good tool might if used properly)

Web Banner (Banner Design Tool): Create web banners for your ads or website banners. This in itself is a service tool that others provide online. Now you can get your own professional design with You Zign the way you want it. Simple edits, the guidelines with a banner template you can use and the flexibility from a drag and drop editor online. Then produce your files online right within YouZign. It’s an online banner maker

Business Card Designer: Business card designers make a killing with their services. Although business card cannot be underestimate. A good business card can be a point of contact and a valuable lead to follow up on. With youZign you can easily design your own business card and integrate your logo for branding. You can also send your card for print fairly easily with a download of the design. This is effectively an all in one business card designer tool for you. (All at one price that you can accomplish a whole lot of other designs too.

Flyer Design Tool: YouZign can serve as a flyer design tool. It easily allows you to place graphics on an A5 sheet and even has done for you flyer templates you can customize to add your messages and images. This way you can get an aesthetically pleasing flyer within minutes. And you may think you can buy flyer designs on Fiverr but their designs as you know aren’t very unique, a simple change in texts. With YouZign you have more options available to you and you can also create the same Fiverr quality flyers in two minutes easily.

eBook Cover Designer: Why pay for a boring eBook design when you can make one the way you want it to express your vision for the eBook with YouZign. YouZign allows eBook cover design with pre-templated book cover design so you have the book layout that you can overlay and edit as you wish.

InfoGraphic designer: Infographics are HUGE and highly valuable for SEO. As a SEO consultant or perhaps a business owner doing your own SEO, use YouZign to create informative infographics easily with some text and images to get more publicity to your business, traffic, and backlinks. Hence Youzign can also serve easily as a multifunctional tool for SEO. Infographics is arguably one of the ideal way to get backlinks, and can be very effective when combined with other SEO techniques; Infographics get you more than backlinks, it gets you readers, traffic, and brand exposure. It also communicates with your audience and you have their attention and some customer good will. A good infographic can also get good exposure to quite a few established web properties or social signals.

Video Creator: Surprisingly YouZign can also be used for video. Yes video! You can use YouZign to add lower third messages to your video. You can also edit some of the pre-developed videos if you want a simple video to convey a message for your service or website. Alternatively, create these videos to get more backlinks to your website hence using YouZign as a marketing tool once again for search engines. It’s very simple and hence easy to use and there’s no complex editing process with these YouZign videos. You can select your preferred lower thirds animation with selected images with YouZign or a simple, done for you video to edit. It’s not very complex videos but suffice for a backlinking campaign or conveying a message with further emphasis and visuals (they say a picture speaks a thousand words right? – so pick the right pictures and say the right things with your lower third messages on YouZign!)

These above are the main functions that you may wish to use YouZign for but in reality there are many more other tasks you can accomplish with You Zign. Effectively if something can be designed with a simple drag and drop editor that does most of the basic design functions you need (like clear background) and color editing, images and stock photos…then you can do it with You Zign.

Here are more things that YouZign can help with: Youtube Channel graphics, Google+ graphics, Pinterest, Comp Card, Headers, offline money cards, gift vouchers and more. (There are many functional uses that can be found with You Zign flexible but functional online graphic design software.)

You may also wish to sell your graphic designing “skills” online through freelancing sites for profits that you can likely easily develop on YouZign within a few minutes. Basic graphic design tasks that you pay $5 on Fiverr can be done in 2 minutes with YouZign. Trust me, I paid a lot of Fiverr gigs for low quality design that YouZign can do much better in a few minutes.

Who is YouZign for?
Internet Marketer: An internet marketer would greatly appreciate YouZign for various simple designs. Flexibility of use for marketing tool. More of a simple marketing tool. As we highlighted earlier, with YouZign you can use to design your graphics and you can also use as a SEO tool (infographics & video), communication tool (video), and promotional stunt in many ways. Or social media marketing as mentioned bellow. Furthermore, it’s manageable and usable fairly quickly without any significant learning curve. Plug and play usage with YouZign

Offline Consultant (SEO Specialist): Offline consultants would value YouZign to get done simple design work for clients especially with social media graphics. I understand as helping some local business with their social media marketing, you require those Facebook graphics that can be very impactful content and easy to make if you have the right tool like YouZign elese you have to outsource it and pay higher fees then try to directly describe what you want to the freelancer who may not do an excellent job if you scrimp on the design or may use a basic template that you can do with YouZign and get an even better design with some customization. Functional purpose for Facebook and social media graphics and social media marketing

Aspiring start-up founder: A start up founder wears many hats and you don’t want to usually outsource your graphics unless you have to because obviously you know better than the person you’re going to outsource to but yet you’re not big enough to have a full time designer. So you got YouZign that can help you get excellent graphics designed fairly easily and leave you in control. You get to control your designs.

Mom & Pops Shop owner: If you want to save loads of money on graphic design then this online graphic design tool will help you! YouZign is designed so that any average individual can create good designs to suite their basic graphic design needs. You will save a lot of money and time trying to communicate with professional graphic designers to get your simple designs done. It will certainly rival any designs that a professional graphic designer may conjure with a business card, website header, or Facebook graphic. Best of all, you have control over exactly how you want YOUR designs to be with YouZign. You get to save money and it’s easy to use anyone, including a non technical mom and pops can do.

How does YouZign work?
What makes YouZign works so effectively is the drag and drop designing, what you see is what you get, and the ready to use templates.

Drag and Drop designing: Drag and drop designing allows you to edit your design simply by clicking where you want, editing, and using a myriad of available customization options to your design simply at the click of the mouse. There’s no complicated edit process but click and edit!

Templates: Templates allow you for professional design layout ready for you to customize and use. You have a large variety of done for you templates that you can borrow from YouZign to edit into your own design. Add your own logo or use them as a layout to completely revamp the template design. Get what you want without the hassle. Effectively, templates allow you to borrow the work of a professional graphic designer to customize to what you require with YouZign. Having gone through the YouZign templates, I noted they have hundreds of templates available for various designs; the refresh technique could be worked on however.

What you see is what you get: With YouZign, there’s no waiting to see how your design comes to fruition. You get to see exactly how it looks like as you edit it. The simple edits allow also for instant viewing. Hence you can tweak your designs the way you want it right on the screen. No complicated messes.

We’ve gone through YouZign and tried to develop a business card with this online graphic design tool and have to say that it’s an excellent tool combining functionality with simplicity. I would highly recommend You Zign if you’re looking for a graphic design tool online that doesn’t require the hassle of installation and able to produce quick and simple designs.

YouZign Bonus:
We’re offering some high value YouZign bonus ontop of the already discounted offer because we think this is an excellent product that you will appreciate. We also get 50% affiliate commission and hence able to offer these service and product bonuses. Effectively you’re using YouZign purchase to pay for these.

YouZign bonus #1: SEO Ultimate 2015 ($17 Value) – Get the inside look at effective SEO techniques for promotions and link building.

YouZign bonus #2: 200 Bing Ads Coupon ($27 Value) – We’ll help you get $200 in Bing Ads coupon delivered to your inbox. There’s no need to go through sign up process as the tutorial on how to get $200 in Bing Ads coupon. This is an excellent YouZign bonus if you’re looking to promote your business or website.

Claim your YouZign bonuses by getting it through this link here.

This concludes our YouZign review thread. Hope you enjoyed the lengthy writeup, there’s much to say about YouZign as an online graphic design tool and even as an online banner maker; I highly encourage you to go check out the special offer. Even if it’s not possibly right for you, you don’t want to miss out from a lack of information so go visit the page and see the special offer while learning more about what the software can do in a simple video. It’s ideal as an all in one online graphic design tool for a small internet marketing firm (sole proprietor) or a mom and pops shop. It’s also good for internet marketers and offline consultants wanting a simple option.

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Re: [MUST READ] YouZign - Online Graphic design and Banner Maker tool
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Reserve for YouZign FAQ
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Re: [MUST READ] YouZign - Online Graphic design and Banner Maker tool
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Check out YouZign 2.0

The launch is ending today but there's still time to catch this deal on the online graphic design tool.

Explaindio Video FX - the new video effects software bonus.
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