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This might be a stupid question, but I was wondering what the average screen resolution that people use is. I am asking because I want my website to be as wide as possible without having to be scrollable. And I am not able to set my width to percent, I can only work with pixels.
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    I am not sure what the average is, but 800x600 is a pretty safe bet. Even though today people use very large res,some of the users still use those 15inch CRT monitors which give you a max of 1024 res. I set my WP theme to be fluid though.
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    Actually, the most used resolution is 1024x768. It comes standard with all computers from 2002 and younger. Now, with new technology and such, people are hooking their computers up to their large 46" flat screen high definition television.... but that's not everybody, so no need to worry about it.

    Anyway, here's a link from a well known source to help you better understand which resolution would be best.

    Browser Display Statistics
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    yeh its certainly 1024x768
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      Since most monitors these days are at least 1024 pixels wide, the 960 Grid System is becoming a popular basis for page layout design. They publish templates and CSS files that make a good starting point for original designs. They use 960 pixels because it fits well inside 1024 and it's evenly divisible by many numbers.

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    Something to consider: The only screen resolution that matters is the one your visitors are using. Who's your market? Older people? They'll be more likely to use 800x600. Programmers, graphic designers? They'll be using higher end settings. Design for your target visitor, not the whole world.
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    Yeah, I agree with Steve. The 960 grid system is a much more reliable way of pleasing everybody. Since the default resolution is 1024x768 for all new systems, it's best and doesn't have much scroll if someone is still in the stoneage with 800x600.
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    definitely 1024x768 is the way to go and as mentioned about the 960 system is a good starting point
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      The basis resolution for website is 1024x768. Most of the computer uses this resolution.
      So create your page width to 1024 px and make the margin = "0" on all sides.
      (Left Margin="0" and Right Margin="0") you wont find any scrollers.
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    Previously the average screen resolution was 800x600 px. But nowadays the average screen resolution is 1024x768 since we have huge monitors now. I hope this answers your question.
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    i used 1024x768 in my works. most website resolutions i found can fix that size.
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    960px width of websites will make sure that it's compatible with almost all resolutions.
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    Everything I make is for 1024x768

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