unsecure wordpress login help please

by [Enzo 4 replies
I just went to log into wordpress and it said unsecure site and I clicked it and it said not to use my password on an unsecure site and I did put http:// and it still says unsecure.

What should I do, would logging in be a mistake? Do I need to do something to secure it and then log in? I don't really get it, it never used to say that. I'm using Firefox.

I'm new to forums sorry if this question is in the wrong spot.
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    I think you should change your password and then try it.

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      no it's not my password, I think it's just not as big a deal as I thought because something popped up where I log in and said connection not secure, but I see now in the web bar if there's not a green lock the connection is not secure and that's like almost every site, even now on the warrior forum instead of a green lock it's and (i) and when I click it it says connection is not secure, and it's the same on my site so it must not really be a big deal it seems like only super major sites have the green lock.
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    Yup, Right it's not a very big deal.

    You may need to check with your hosting provider about if they're enabling Let's Encrypt SSL addon on their servers. It allows you to install a Free SSL certificate on your site.

    Furthermore, For security your WP admin panel login page, I would say it would be better to use a WPplugin called "WPS Hide Login". It changes /wp-admin with something of your choice for better security.
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      Oh my God!!! Thank you so much I didn't know what a lot of that meant, but that plugin sounds awesome!!!
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