How would you use AI to improve your workflow/business?

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Are you limited to just one AI thingaboo (e.g. solely ChatGPT, solely Bard, etc.)? Which process have been replaced or streamlined by AI?

Chime in.
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    I'm using chatGPT for brainstorming ideas and correct grammar mistakes for copy/blog
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    I use chatGPT to write articles
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      Does they help you to rank.... does it not show AI content to Google crawler
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    I can now write entire eBooks on any trending topic within just a few hours, and professionally typeset with LaTeX.
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    Any other best AI except chatGpt?
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    After a whole day of research, ChatGPT is the best AI assistant.
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    I use ChatGPT to build on concepts I come up with and then tweak it from there to get one of a kind creative stories.
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    We use AI to improve our work in the social media activities for getting new topics and also it will help to create business calendar .

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    I use it for research mostly.
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    i use ai for great content ideas, and after this process i get my blogs and emails optmising, i think we need ai and human perspective, but ai does dramtically help us with great content i hope this helps

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    AI tools like ChatGPT are really cool tools for writing articles or extending your ideas. I use ChatGPT mostly for research purposes.

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    Hey, yes I also use AI for my business. No, i don't stick to only one AI. I mostly do search work from many AIs and then take a step ahead.
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  • Here what I've implemented in agencies to give you some ideas:

    ' X (ex Twitter) threads generator: Writing threads with GPT 3.5 (for the moment) in a few clicks. The workflow is as follow:
    1. The ghostwriter choose a client, write the subject of the thread, add some notes to give context, guidelines on the result expected, select a category (ex: storytelling, expertise, etc) and select a tonality (ex: informative, emotional, etc)
    2. After the submission, the automation collect the customer's persona of the client, such as pains, dreams, frustrations, etc
    3. We assemble all the data in a prompt to make it very specific in the output
    4. Once OpenAI generate the thread, it is send in a Notion database to be used or modified

    Next improvement: give the ghostwriter the possibility to choose a thread/tweet template from a database. Or make it autoselected by the automation itself

    ' Short form video's subject generator: List ideas of videos to be used by my client for his customers' videos
    1. My client choose the customer to generate idea for, a tonality and can add (or not) a main subject
    2. The automation collect the client's customer persona
    3. The prompt is optimized with the customer persona and the main subject if it exist
    4. The list of ideas are sent to a Google Sheets to be reviewed

    Next improvement: generate different approach following the platform, because Tiktok users are different from Instagram users

    Hope it give you ideas!
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    I am using ChatGPT, Bard to enhance my knowledge and enhance my skills which helps me to take faster and appropriate decisions and to make strategies. It save time and helps in brainstorming new things into process.
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    • That's awesome! ChatGPT and Bard seem like powerful tools to have in your arsenal. Keep crushing it with those strategies and decisions!
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        Yes...!! even now after coming update in Bard it shows the source where it had took the info.. That help to know more about that topic we are looking for... .
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  • speed up and simplify tasks that once required significant time and effort. Automating repetitive and strenuous tasks frees up valuable human resources for more complex and creative work, increasing efficiency, productivity, and innovation.
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    I think both Bard and GPT are not that smart rn because sometimes they don't respond correctly. I think they are not trained yet they can do better if the makers work properly.
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      At the end... it's build by human's they can't be smarter the human.... And yes I agree sometime it doesn't answer accurately....
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    i use chat gpt
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  • Meeting scheduling, using RPA to move data between systems, and routing documents for approval, are all things workflow already improves.
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    There are several AI tools that let me do the following

    1) Load PDFs and I ask questions regarding the PDFs' content

    2) Create graphics using prompts

    3) Create charts using prompts

    4) Automate data extraction

    Still no replacement for human analysis and JUDGMENT
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