I've relied less on ChatGPT

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GPT 3.5 to be more specific. It's just so sanitized, and very repetitive.
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    Originally Posted by WarriorForum.com View Post

    GPT 3.5 to be more specific. It's just so sanitized, and very repetitive.

    I have not used ChatGPT 3.5 since version 4 stopped
    having output limits, but the bot has to be told what you
    want it to provide.

    I use it on a daily basis to develop content, and I ask
    it various questions as the need arises, but mostly for

    It occasionally repeats things. Say I am working on a
    project where I need 7,500 words and it's giving me
    whatever format I asked, it may write about avocados
    and 3,000 words later, in the same chat while writing
    about the same subject, it might mention avocados
    again, but the second time it will be something else
    about the avocado like its calorie count instead of its

    I will merge the second avocado occurrence with the
    first, or just delete it, it's not that serious, but it does
    repeat things and that's why we must proofread what
    the A.I. produces, especially if we are going to publish
    that content.

    Have you been working on your prompts because
    the brevity of your post suggests that you may not
    have put much effort into it.
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    Originally Posted by WarriorForum.com View Post

    GPT 3.5 to be more specific. It's just so sanitized, and very repetitive.
    totally agree
    so sanitized, so politically correct on absolutely every subject
    it's not even funny anymore

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  • Most models of potential perfection eventually fall foul of their own intrinsic limitations.

    Which is why EVERYTHIN' solootions are equally allurin' an' terrifyin'.

    Prolly when I 95yo an' dribbly outta evry hole, I would want respectful assistance pullin' up muh panties.

    Naht so haht on any kinda DUN 4 U words.

    'Tis but a spazzmo abomination du jour gowin' on rn.

    Jus' gotta hope what reads like diarrhea will pass like diarrhea an' we can all get on with movin' regulah.

    (Anywan tried editin' this stuff? tbh it is way less tedious to repurpose the spurtin' forth of IRL morons. Nah ... say it yusself, or don't frickin' show.)

    We mebbe at the point when WhatC3P seemed like the crayzeeist like slooshin' to WHATEVAH ...

    but we now seein' beyond shocka the robotic stoopids an' figurin' ...


    My view?

    As Thanksgivin' returns to our hearts an' minds once more, as evah it must, less'n we ain't actschlly TERMINALLY USELESS, gotta wish Mom an' Dad *sniff*, kids an' mystery aunts appearin' from outta wherevah *triple sniff*, plus also pets dun stoopid acrobatics on sum noplace TV channel for like A HAT OR NUTHIN' ...

    gathah togethah without bein' too much pumped fulla shit they nevah evah sought to imbibe*



    *aw plz still yusself, O Princess*

    Thing is, it is in our jeyunnes an' our jouyous momentitood to NAHT be kicked outta the park by schwango.

    tbh ima sit this AI drivola out till'n it ovah.


    We are iris to iris open before we shut outta all horizons bcs stoopid.

    tbh, las' thing nowan needs in a mortal-centric Cosmos definably outta control in so many ways is sum superlatively SAVE EVRYWAN tech whose USP is essentially VAMPIRE.

    My POV as a natchrlly happnin' hooman person.

    If'n I dragged sumplace I don't wanna be, an' forced to perform, likely you will discover Moi to be considerably less generous.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    Interesting points about ChatGPT. It's true that it can be repetitive and overly politically correct, reflecting both its limitations and its design for safety and neutrality.

    The importance of reviewing and adjusting AI-generated content is crucial, as no model is perfect and always requires human oversight. Remember, AI technology is constantly evolving, and what we see today is just one step in ongoing development.

    Experimenting with prompts is key. Try giving specific instructions like 'Avoid mentioning X' or 'Use variations to prevent repetitions'. It's all about imagination and trial and error to get the best results.
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    All large language models (LLM) like ChatGPT are basically trained on the massive textual data. For these models to be closer to realistic, it needs to be trained subsequently on the queries data too. Generative AI has lead such models to be trained over large and large datasets but it comes the limitation of hardware resources as well as the data authenticity. The more these models are trained on the large data the more these would be generalized.

    The repetitive response of chatGPT is because of the data; it is trained on; having ambiguity in it or biased. To avoid the repetitive response rephrasing the query or providing the context to the model of the question; will resulted the unique output.
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    For my outreach efforts / sales text, I'm getting better results with claude
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    totally agree
    so sanitized, so politically correct on absolutely every subject
    it's not even funny anymore
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    I agree with you as well. Initially, ChatGPT-3 provided results that helped boost workflow. However, I am now fed up with its repetitive wording and vague writing style when working on horse art project. I'm not sure if there is a better AI tool for content creation.
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    I use Claude.ai more than ChatGPT
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    What I've noticed from the 3 big ones...

    Claude, Bard, and ChaGPT, is it's good to ask all 3 the same question.

    Usually, you'll get close to the same answers, but they each will give you a different perspective about the question
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    I've been using Bing Chat since chat gpt beta stopped working
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  • Well, to me literally if you train Claude AI more. It will give you more refined outputs. There are plenty of YT tutorials on this.
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  • tbh whenya de-honcho yr lead guy aftah all kindsa playjeerjism STORIES, you natchrlly command the respect of evrywan skeptiliciously monitorin' your ass.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    I don't think that these bots have such a future! they are not trained professionally and personally, I don't even like them no doubt that they made things easier for people but people are getting used to the bots they don't even try to do thing on there own because of these bot, Which I guess in sometimes kills there skills and knowledge and this is what the bots want!
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    I think GPT-3.5 is a powerful tool for generating text, but it may not always produce the most varied or creative responses, which can lead to perceptions of sanitization and repetitiveness. However, you can experiment with different approaches and prompts to achieve the desired output.
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    GPT-3 is a powerful language model, but it does have its limitations. While it can generate impressive amounts of text, it can sometimes lack creativity and originality. its responses can be repetitive and formulaic, especially when it comes to certain topics or prompts. However, i think GPT-3 is still a relatively new technology, and it's constantly improving. As more data is fed into the model and more advanced algorithms are developed, we can expect to see even more impressive results in the future...may be
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    I think 4 version is better
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    Honestly, when you are the lead guy after all kinds of playjeerjism stories, you naturally command the respect of everyone who is sceptically monitoring your every move.
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