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How can you develop your job opportunities in wartime graphic design more than eight years and the war has not stopped? We lose every day and we lose a lot of customers. How can we find new customers outside of the geographic area where we live in Yemen? Tell us about your experiences.
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    Not sure what your options are being in a war zone. However, you might want to try joining Upwork at or join -

    Other places might be fiverr - or searching the WSO section here on the forum if anyone is looking for a graphic designer.
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    Don's right.

    Furthermore, you may also check out the Warriors For Hire section -
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    The guy I use lives in India. It's just a matter of networking (without spamming), and otherwise getting the word out.

    For example, I found my designer through an ad here on the forum that cost him $20 to create. This was years ago, and I continue to use him.

    A slightly cheaper way to start getting the word out is to pay $5 for a signature here.

    Do some work for free and show people the skills you have. Free as in free, no strings attached. If they like what you do ask them to give you a review or a testimonial.

    I see that a lot of your website is not in English. If you want to sell out of your area, you may want to change the language to English or whatever the target market is.

    Study the forum. There are tons of answers about how to succeed as a freelancer.

    Good luck.

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