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    James Kenton's Avatar

    Are You Making This Damaging WSO Mistake?

    David - thank you for your support.

    One of the problems I see with Internet marketing is that we have no way of checking the credentials of most of the people who are selling. It's so easy to pretend to be someone you're not, hire/borrow the trappings of wealth and bring in an actor to play the millionaire. Plenty of hungry, easily duped people desperate for an answer are all too willing to believe the promises. I fell for plenty of those!

    The Warrior Forum is a place we come for help and support from the community we don't have in our solitary home office workplaces. I would like to be able to trust the words of those who inhabit this space - even if I get conned elsewhere.
    Posted 14th December 2011 at 03:59 AM by James Kenton James Kenton is offline
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    David Sneen's Avatar

    Are You Making This Damaging WSO Mistake?


    In reading Twitter posts, (I might be the only one left who still does), I come across dozens of neophytes who are spamming--make $xxxxx with this product. I know less than .00001 of them have. So, I smiled at your well-said jabs at the "gurus."

    Your alternative options are awesome. You wrote with authority--like someone who has really done it, without selling your credentials.

    Excellent post!!!
    Posted 12th December 2011 at 11:35 PM by David Sneen David Sneen is offline
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    James Kenton's Avatar

    Are You Making This Damaging WSO Mistake?

    Hi Janet - thank you for your kind words about my post; I'm flattered that someone's read it all the way to the end!

    I must correct you: there's no way I'm a GURU! I'm new to the forum and still finding my way with Internet marketing. I'm reading, experimenting, buying WSOs like crazy and failing to make them work more times than not! I'm not yet earning enough to leave my full-time job; which qualifies me, in my own mind at least, to be called a 'newbie'.

    You're right to pick up on my unthinking adoption of the word 'newbie'. It seems to be the accepted term here but it is a tad patronizing. What would be better? Neophyte, rookie, novice, apprentice? It would be quite an achievement for us to popularize a more supportive term - now there's a challenge

    As for the 'swipe' file: you're dead right. I'm only a few months in to the forum and already I'm forgetting what it's like to be new here. I must work on that.

    So, for the newbies, a 'SWIPE FILE' is one or more files, folders, boxes or other stores in which we keep the sales copy of other marketers. The copy could include emails, magazine ads, direct mail, business cards, a photograph of the side of a truck or leaflets from the local pizza delivery guy.

    Your Swipe File is used for study and inspiration. Like writing poems, playing sports, learning musical instruments - in fact almost any human activity - people often learn by copying and gaining inspiration from others. What it should not be used for is a source of copy in your publicly readable pages. That's plagiarism and most likely illegal in your country. Without copying the text directly you can still gain useful insights in to how a copywriter seeks to influence their prospect. You might be inspired by a premise, a strategy, a font, a headline, the use of a photo, a clever way of laying out a form and any number of things that catch your eye. Just don't copy - it's lazy, it won't help you develop your skills and it could result in an expensive legal battle!

    Thanks again Janet.
    Posted 10th December 2011 at 03:58 AM by James Kenton James Kenton is offline
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    Janet Sawyer's Avatar

    Are You Making This Damaging WSO Mistake?


    Great blog post, but like most of the GURUS! you've left out bits of information that New People to this forum or Internet Marketing ( you called them newbies ) wouldn't understand.

    * Now I know I can't trust them I've created an Outlook 'Rule' that moves these gurus' mailings to my 'Swipe' folder - so I get their great copy but not their poor recommendations.
    Isn't that stealing? wanting to save their great copy. What do you intend to do with it?

    I appreciate the message you are trying to put across here.
    Posted 9th December 2011 at 07:42 PM by Janet Sawyer Janet Sawyer is offline

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