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    "There IS such a thing as a Marketer genuinely helping someone find what they need. Not suckering a buyer into a win-lose transaction"

    Hi Brian, I like what you just wrote there.

    Have you heard Michael Oliver's audio serise called "Natural Selling". He doesn't have an affiliate program or I'd damn sure use my aff link.

    Your line I quoted sounds a lot like Oliver's stuff.

    I see you're in PA, I'm right below the border from you, not far from Gettysburg.

    "It's all in how you apply your marketing prowess. A knife is only a murder weapon if you kill someone with it."

    I like your thinking... (revamp it without the macabe flavoring perhaps)

    I'm a devestatingly sucessful salesman, I grew up in a small family owned biz, Dad owned a dry cleaners in Chevery MD. He saw that I had the knack for it, like he never did... bought me all the books and cassette tape sets he could find to teach me how to be a trained salesman.

    Dad found Oliver's "Natural Selling" & bought it right before he died.

    Eskimos really DO need refridgerators=
    What are they gonna do with their lettuce?
    Put it outside in the deep freeze?

    A relationship between a supplier and a business should be symbiotic.

    I give my client something he can't easily get anywhere else (personal attention & service)
    He gives me something I can't easily get anywhere else (a weekly paycheck w/ no taxes coming out)

    If my supplier has hard times, I have hard times...
    I cut my price to help him get thru his hard times.

    "We're connected at the umbilical cord, he goes down, I do down and vice versa"

    Politics, Democrats and Victim Behavior: Screw the Dow, I'm gonna get mine

    You gotta ezine for me to sub to?

    If your blog posts are good, stands to reason an ezine you write might be of use to me
    Posted 2nd November 2008 at 11:14 AM by David David is offline
    Updated 2nd November 2008 at 11:16 AM by David (forgot to ask if he had an ezine)
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    Warrior Forum 2.0

    I've been having an internal discussion on the very topic of ethical marketing. I've decided that using every tool in my arsenal to hypnotically persuade people to fork over their cash is a perfectly acceptable activity.

    Is it wrong for a doctor to persuade a terminally ill patient to have a life-saving operation which the patient has objected to have based on ignorant preconceived notions?

    It's all in how you apply your marketing prowess. A knife is only a murder weapon if you kill someone with it.
    Posted 13th August 2008 at 09:38 PM by vinnylingo vinnylingo is offline

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