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How Twitter Got Started

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Posted 7th July 2009 at 09:53 PM by Alex Rich

In the ever expanding World Wide Web, buzz words like social networking and micro blogging put a strain on our ability to keep up with the lingo. The real world is definitely noticing the expansion of interactive sites in the Internet environment.

Twitter, a relatively new networking site is aggressively charting a course to become a player in this field. One of the strengths helping Twitter establish its presence is its focus on uniqueness. An example is the company's application called Tweets , a type of messaging that apparently can take several forms.

These messages, up to 140 characters long, are attracting a loyal user group for this up and coming social networking newbie. Much like old-school AOLs' IMs , Tweets, because they are text based, allow for ease of use. Tweets also have an instant messaging application that makes Twitter even stickier.

Industry stats indicate Twitter grew at warp-speed during early 2007. Department of Commerce figures have not yet listed Twitter's numbers. However, an insider who requested anonymity, sets Twitter's population at more than 1/2 million users at the end of 2007. The indication is the company is moving toward doubling that number by the end of 2009.

Humble Origins

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Twitter was an outgrowth of a company called Obvious LLC. Jack Dorsey was listed as CEO at that time. Building slowly and watching their balances, Twitter has established an impressive presence and made some very savvy decisions in regard to alliances.

Friends In High Places

In the early months of Twitter's growth in popularity such luminaries as presidential hopefuls Ron Paul, John Edwards and Internet savvy Barack Obama, were observed using Twitter to assist in communicating with campaign workers. Another insider reveals there are several foreign heads of state who are also Twitter friendly .

News reports during a series of fires in California indicated fire fighters were using Twitter to communicate during the extreme conditions they experienced. Several municipalities are reportedly using Twitter for a variety of applications in their offices.

Is Twitter Technologically Stable?

Another Wall Street Journal report evaluated Twitter's technology and implied there were some weak spots in the early stages. Industry insiders discount this report and point out most companies go through a growth stage as part of their development. Their take on Twitter is that it is "rock solid," technologically speaking.

The insider's statement seems to be on track in regard to the latest available statistics. According to a report issued by the University of Maryland, Twitter is handling more than 300,000 posts a day. The company is also delivering an astounding 16,500 Tweets an hour.

It is clear that the world is smitten with Twitter. Only time will tell if this will be another Apple in the making...or another Edsel.

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