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What I do for a living

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Posted 26th February 2017 at 08:43 AM by animal44
Updated 26th September 2017 at 04:32 PM by animal44

What I do for a living:

Our primary service is that we help businesses grow through direct response marketing. Mostly email and direct mail. And we help them identify the most profitable niches and the most profitable customers.

Secondary services: We help systemise the business. We help owner extract themselves from the business thus making it more saleable. We help ailing businesses recover. We help to sell businesses or prepare for sale. We've helped people start businesses. We help them licence their systems to other businesses. And a few other things...

I now teach some of this to students or proteges. And I'm quite interested in creating courses that will allow people to make a lot of money with minimum effort.

Note however, this isn't a get rich quick scheme. There is work to be done, especially in the first year. However, this whole thing revolves around the principle of licensing. You create a marketing campaign which you them reuse across many businesses. So you do the hard work once and get rewarded over and over.

Case Study:
So let's just start with a case study.
I was putting this together when I got a very excited phone call. I'd done a tupperware party type session with a bunch of housewives a few weeks before to give them an overview of ways to make loads of money without going out to work.
One of the participants took my sample letters and typed them up with her own contact details and sent them out to a particular bunch of businesses within her local county.
She sent out 24 letters and got back 6 responses. She converted these 6 responses into 2 clients.
Now, I want you to understand that this girl is a housewife. She's not a sales person. She's not a business person. She's only ever done minimum wage type jobs. In fact, she told me her normal income is around 6k per year.
With both these clients she was able to ask for and get a 5k retainer up front.
Was she over the moon about that? You bet ya!
But the best was yet to come.
She sent out the campaigns over a couple of weeks and the resulting sales were 144,000 for one client and 168,000 for the other client.
She collected 20% on both.
Total earnings including retainer: 72,400...
Total time invested approx 2 hours per client.
Do you think she was pretty excited...?

Some other brief case studies:
Our smallest client: we collected 720 in commissions for less than two hours work
Our worst response: we collected 5k retainer plus a little over 12k in commissions - 17k in all
Our record: 947,360 plus retainers - almost a million in 30 days.

So how does one get started in this lucrative business?

Well you need:

1. Your first client
2. A campaign

1. To get your first client:
My preferred way is to deal with those you already have a relationship with. When you're in a business you like and use regularly, just start a conversation. Find out what they think of the economy, of the government's latest schemes, anything business related. Then steer the conversation around to asking them if they'd be interested in a way of boosting their sales quickly and without any additional advertising costs. Bet you you'll get interest

Another way is to research who is advertising and who has a good reputation. It should go without saying that you should avoid any business that doesn't have a good reputation. It's in your own interest as you'll get far better response from good businesses. Then send them a prospecting letter

A third way is to simply network. Ask the same questions as in 1 - what they think of the economy, of the government's latest schemes, anything business related. And steer it around to your pitch.

2. Getting a campaign
1. Write it yourself.
With this option, you likely do need copy skills or at least some understanding of copywriting.
I'm not a copywriter, however I have written some effective ads and sales letters myself. It ain't rocket science
If you invest in "The Brain Audit" by Sean D'Souza, $5 on Amazon, you'll be able to write something that will convert quite well.

2. Buy or collect some swipe files.
Use a swipe file to write your own variations. You could do worse than to buy magnetic marketing. There are examples in there which can be used for inspiration.

3. Find some online.
Search Google for "customer reactivation letters" or "[niche] customer reactivation letters". Watch out for copywrite. If you rewrite them to create your own variations, then there shouldn't be any issue.

4. Hire a copywriter
This, of course, will cost you. Or you might be able to do a contingency only deal and share in the profits.
And to be frank, depending on your skills, I think you could just as good a job - see option 1. Then it's simply a matter of testing variations.
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