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How to make MONEY in the Offline market...and lot's of it!

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Posted 2nd May 2010 at 01:06 PM by AP

by Andrew Patrick

Is it any wonder companies like Reach Local, Yodle, Service Magic, Yelp, Angie's List, Google, Yahoo!, etc... are targeting local businesses and making Billions of dollars. The new and easy money is helping small business owners get new customers via the Internet. Plumbers, dentist, lawyers, mortgage brokers, restaurants, and retail store get more customers by having an online presence.

The old media is out, what used to work in marketing no longer works for many companies. Many small businesses that used to depend heavily on phone books, newspapers, magazines, television, radio, etc ... are looking for new ways to attract customers.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The publisher of the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times declared bankruptcy on Monday as the U.S. newspaper industry's unrelenting loss of readers and advertisers claimed its biggest victim yet. Like other big U.S. newspapers, Tribune is under pressure from declining advertising revenue and circulation as more people get news online. (Source: Reuters, December 8th, 2008)

May 29th 2009 (Bloomberg) – R.H. Donnelly the publisher of 600 directories including telephone Yellow Pages, sought bankruptcy protection from creditors to reduce debt by about $6.4 billion amid mounting losses. Sales have dropped as small businesses move print ads online.

Why are more consumers shifting their research online? It's convenient, saves time and often money. If a companies website doesn't appear on Page 1 of Google it's effectively invisible and doesn't exist on the Internet. Similar to having a billboard in the desert.

As marketing budgets come under pressure businesses are looking for proven methods of marketing to get more value for their dollar. Businesses are utilizing Search Engine Marketing, Adwords, eMail marketing, Blogs, Online Video, Electronic Press Releases, Twitter, FaceBook, Online directories, etc ... to outperform traditional media.

In a recent study 91% of senior marketing executives said they were using online strategies. Almost 2/3rds of these executives said they were cutting back on traditional or image marketing to increase their online presence. So, the trend is to shift away from traditional marketing to online strategies that yield a higher Return on Investment.

Consumers are increasingly researching via the internet then purchasing offline at a local merchant. Most consumers prefer to shop locally. In fact, 63% of consumers search online then purchase offline in their own community. This holds true for Business to Business as well.

If a merchant does not have a strong Internet presence there's no way to influence the buying decision of these prospects who search online.

This is where you come in. Most businesses owners are skilled at what they do "in" their business. The problem is that they fail to work "on" their business. Marketing is Job #1 for any business. Fail to market properly in this New Economy and soon you will be out of business.

Most business owners today are Clueless at Internet marketing, they desperately want more sales but don't have any skill sets. With your knowledge of the Internet there has never been a better time to make money with so little investment. We are in the Wild, Wild, West days of Internet marketing. This is the Genesis of Internet marketing for small businesses. Today, a small business can compete with a large corporation via the Internet.

Helping local businesses use the Internet to get traffic and customers may be the single biggest opportunity in your lifetime.

What will you be telling people ten years from today? Will you tell them you seized the golden opportunity that's been handed to you?

I have never in my lifetime seen an opportunity this good. Where can the average Joe with little to no money start a ground floor business and virtually make money overnight?

You can work this business part or full time, the choice is yours. This past February I started working with a small group of students teaching them how I get businesses to hand me big checks. In less than eight weeks I have students making money, some are making big money.

In fact, one student has done over $100,000 in annualized fees in that same period. He collected over $30,000 in upfront money by following my system. His monthly continuity is $8,600, not a bad start to the month. This past week he purchased his first new car, ever! This man is in his mid 40's and was driving a full size van with over 200,000 miles on the odometer. Why did his life change so drastically in less than two months? Very simple. He believed in himself and he took ACTION.

Are you looking to subsidize your income to help pay the bills? Maybe you would like to go out to dinner more often with the family, take your kids to the movies, buy the latest gadgets that all teenagers want. Perhaps you want to start a college fund or possibly your retirement plan.

Maybe you want to quit that J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) and start living your life with passion.

This offline opportunity can do wonders for your bank account. It can also relieve a lot of stress for today's families. Let's face it, the cost to run a home today is outrageous. It takes two people working hard just to be BROKE!

You need to work Smarter, not Harder. I look for opportunity when I seek out business ventures. My system will show you how to target the right businesses that have a marketing budget and Big Cash Registers. I'm starting my 5th decade helping small business owners. I'm a former Financial Planner, I was trained by one of the best investment companies in the United States. I was taught from day one to go after Big Cash Registers and get Monthly Money. I can show you the way to success.

Fast money is for losers. People who chase money always go broke. The real way to wealth is monthly continuity money. Insurance companies, Mutual Fund companies, Banks, Annuity companies, all taught me to get monthly money from my clients. A "Money Drip" campaign to the Biggest companies in the World. Ever wonder why the biggest buildings in your town are owned by insurance companies?

I'd rather get rich slow. There's a certain peace of mind waking up the 1st day of every month and your PayPal account says "You've got Money." Sometimes lot's of money ;-)

It's time to get off your duff. The global economy is not going to get better anytime soon. Businesses need your help more than ever. Start helping them, show them the way to success online.

Live the abundant life and take what the universe is offering you.

You don't need a ton of money to start working this offline market.

What you need is the "right mindset."
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