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Planning For The Year Ahead

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Posted 5th January 2010 at 10:55 AM by Ashley Wright

I thought it would be a good time to make a post and tell you what you should be planing for the new year. Year after year you hear people making “New Years Resolutions” but do you think many people actually stick to them? The clear answer is NO. As humans we make these promises, and the worst thing is that we are promising OURSELVES, if you cannot keep a promise to yourself what luck do you have making a promise with someone else?
The main resolutions are usually:
  • I am going to loose weight
  • I am going to make more money this year
  • I am going to get promoted
And the list goes on, but I tell you why these promises do not last, is because the majority of us do not set out a plan in order on how we are going to achieve these goals. It is all good saying we want to loose weight, but what plan do you actually have?
There is a difference with these two next promises:
  • I want to loose weight
  • I want to loose 10 pounds by March the 15th
By looking at those two statements which one do you actually think you would be able to stick to?
The second one off course because it has the action you want to achieve and the time you want to do it by. If you just want to loose weight you will be wanting to loose weight all your life.Then you would need to go into more detail like:
  • I will go to the gym every Monday and Friday after work
  • I will cut out chocolate and fizzy pop completely
  • I will hire a nutritionist
  • I will weight myself every fortnight
  • I will keep a diary of what I am eating every day
Now how much better does that sound? An actual simple plan, if you stuck to a plan like that you will start to see results as you can adjust your plan to suit you.
This is no difference to Internet Marketing. I speak with many people every single day whether I am consulting or just having a chat, and the biggest thing I hear from most people is “I want to make more money” so I am like OK so how are you going to do it? 90% of the responses are I do not know!! This is why we need to plan because a plan allows us to:
  • Have an action (what we want to achieve)
  • A map (Steps in order to complete the action)
  • A set Date ( Something to aim for)
I was exactly the same within Internet Marketing I knew I wanted to make money online but I did not have a clue where or how to start. It was until I started mind mapping and setting out goals and actions until I started to see the results. So for anyone who is in the same boat I have put together 3 simple questions you need to ask yourself and if you follow this simple plan that I have put together then you will be a step closer to succeeding online. Get a pen and paper and actually write down with the answer:
  • How much money you want to make next year?
  • The exact date (most people choose 31st December you decide)
  • Why do you want to? (Freedom, Own Boss, More time with the family)
The only thing left on their is a step by step plan on what you are looking to do to achieve this. Like I said to you I have been planning out what I am going to be doing next year, I have listed out exactly everything and used the exact questions as you have also.
What I have also done is set myself a mind map out of what I need to achieve whats on the list whether its help, money you name it, and I have put down each and every step. I know from experience making money online is not an easy thing to do which is why in the new year, I will be doing more consultations with people who do not exactly know how to start making money online, and what I am going to do is guide struggling marketers out of the dark and into the light .
That is just one of my focuses for next year and I already know what I am going to be doing from January 1st 2010, all the way till December 31st 2010.
With a plan you also have something to focus on which is the main part of anything just imagine if we did not plan anything? Like if no one put together a plan of how to build a house? You think it would go well? Personally I do not!

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