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Marketing In China 101

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Posted 24th April 2012 at 04:40 AM by chinacharly

Hi Guys,

So this will be my first blog post and want to help and give back to WF in my own little way!

My blog of course will be about doing marketing (in particular, info-product or IM marketing) in China. I know that many, many people would like to know the how, what and where because the market here is SO VAST, 1% could equal MILLIONS of sales! The economy of scale is just so frickin' unbelievable!

So feel free to drop by my blog here and pick up a few tips.


Whatever you know about listbuilding.....put it to good use here as well! The same principle about the money being in the list is just as important if not more so here. China, more than other cultures, value relationships greatly. If you can establish a solid relationship with your list here, there is much gold. However, cultivating that relationship may take much more "give" here than you may be use to. It's not that people here need to be bribed more than anywhere else. No. It's much more about building trust. They don't know you personally. Don't even know who you are. Chinese do not hand out trust easily. They are pretty skeptical by nature.

Remember that famous experiment where they tried to give away $100 on the street to passersby and had a hard time doing it? I once ran a giveaway handing out 500 dollars (RMB of course which is a lot to people here!) and many people on my list DID NOT signup for it! Why I asked. They would not believe it was for real.

So what did I do? I made videos of the winners coming to my office to accept the money and posted it on the 3 big video sites here in China: Youku, TuDou and Ku6. And of course got testimonials and posted to my microblogs. Enlisted the winners of the money to post it to their own microblogs as well so the word could spread.

Sent the links to the videos in my newsletter updates to my list. And asked for feedback.

Responses varied widely from wishing they has believed me and signed up to still saying that my video was fake.

But the most constructive responses were that money was NOT that motivational to them! Huh???

So I tried again...this time I bought 4 tickets to a very popular singer who was coming to my city on tour. This actually cost me less than the 500RMB money giveaways!

Guess what? My participation % more than tripled! I included a viral component where they could get more chances to win by inviting people to also register and my list doubled!

Money was NOT the best motivator! Well, this is old hat to giveaway marketers in the west but it worked like gangbusters here in China!

Tip: Supercharge your list building efforts here in China by NOT offering money but things of popular consumption. Spend a little money in order to build your list. The resulting list will be much more responsive than spending the money to buy a list full of dead fish. They will eagerly open your newsletters and consume the content.
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