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Posted 11th August 2010 at 08:19 AM by CianMcCarthy

Ok, thought I'd try and spill as much as my guts on what I've learnt from internet know just observations on the bigger pictures...rather than the tedious stuff that can be learnt from an ebook or ten :D

[B]1. [/B]

Like generally speaking, you can only make money online from

(a) being an affiliate for a product/service

(b) being an product owner/service provider

(c) running adsense (or something similar)

(d) doing services for other people for chump change while they rake in the thousands. [IMG][/IMG] J-O-B

(this is to show that there isn't a magic bullet)

Disregarding (d), all the other options, require, if you want to have a stable and long term business that is, a website.

And if you can create a website that is profitable using any of the first three options then you can sell it for 20 times it’s monthly revenue at This is of course provided you can find a buyer there.

Furthermore, at you can find sites that have already been created (ie. the seo and groundwork has been done), purchase them if you sense an opportunity, and make them more profitable.

You can then hold onto them as a long term source of income or sell the site again for a higher profit margin.

Basically, it’s virtual real estate, where you buy low, do a bit of improving, and sell high for a nice lump payment.

How do you improve a site? Basically by implementing internet marketing techniques.

Basically, whether you're an affiliate or product owner the name of the game is to obtain and convert traffic (ideally targeted) with irresttible and relevant offers/services (I'll count adsense as a service)

Where to get relevant traffic?

Facebook advertising,
Adwords + Display Network
Search Engine Optimisation
Article marketing
Forum marketing
Video Marketing
Joint Ventures,
mobile marketing
tv,radio,magazines, markets, seminars,

...upshot of it...there's loads...

then just send it to your website and monetize it either straight away with salescopy/valuable content with recommended services/offers or later on through an email marketing campaign.(recommended)

[B]3[/B] Affiliate marketing...whilst very profitable with low start up costs doesn't hold a candle to being a product owner with hundreds of affiliates promoting you, doing all the articles, all the blog posts, video's on youtube etc. You'll get to your goals a lot faster if you create a product that converts and shove it in the faces of ''super affiliates''. Instead of promoting other products, just promote your affiliate program and offer as much help as possible (run contests, offer landing pages, email follow-ups)
Just something to think being a product owner should be one of your goals in the future. (loads of ways to do this)

[B]4.[/B] If you are going to be an affiliate you should always considering going after high end products (like jewelry) or membership programs. It takes as much effort to close a sale of $300 as it does $30.

[B]5.[/B] [B]Always be on the look out for creating systems...that leverage other people and other things[/B]. Affiliate programs for products are brilliant, but tell a friend scripts, making stuff go viral, creating a huge backend system can be all complimentary outlets too. I for one, am a huge admirer of Tissa Godavitarne and his people search model, as I am of Travis Sago, who monetizes his affiliates which in turn helps them make more money (for themselves and for T Dub!)

[B]6.[/B] Build a list :D and monetize it through relationship building

[B]7.[/B] Always write down what you want to accomplish. Have mindmaps so you know what you're going to do. [B]THINK BIG[/B]
8.[/B] Leverage everything as much as think Ryan Deiss does article writing, nope...once you have a formua outsource that baby as quickly as possible.

Here's hoping this helps a few folks...if anyone wants to add stuff or correct me, feel free to leave a comment. I know I haven't touched upon a millionth of what there could be said!

I just wanted people to be aware that there is a bigger picture out there!
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