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System to Secret Wealth Outline

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Posted 21st October 2009 at 04:06 PM by Clint

I'm not much for telling a good story, but if there's one thing I'm
good at it is making profitable businesses.

Hi my name is Clint Smith, and I'm a business developer and have
been for quite some time now.

I study niche markets and determine what people want and what they
are willing to fork over stacks of cash for.

I do not focus on necessarily one niche. I diversify my
opportunities and broaden my horizons in many different topics.

You may be asking why this is.

And I can answer that simply by saying, because it is very, very

Below you'll find the method that I use day after day to
consistently increased the digits in my bank account.

Now remember this method may take some work but in the end what you
wouldn't you wont to to work for yourself and bring in the cash for
your family,friends and enjoying rather than for someone else?

First part: Profitable Opportunities

The first thing that you’re going to be learning is how
to find profitable opportunities in a particular niche.

Focus on the newbies.These people are breaking into Internet
marketing, and
are open to any chance to make money.

You are going to be creating a simple step-by-step guide so these
are the people that will be most interested in your product.

Below I give the assortment of topics within the make money niche:

List building, Co. registration, MySpace, domain flipping, Ed
Saenz, traffic, e-mail marketing, blogs, eBay, craigslist,
affiliate marketing, social marketing, membership sites,
directories, article writing, outsourcing, banner ads, forearms,
seminars, webinars.

I recommend researching the forums and blogs to find out which one
is actually a hot topic at any given time.

Now that we have a clear focus on with niche and topic we are going
be focusing on, it is now time to move on to offering this group
something of value.

Second part: Building a Guide

After you have found a profitable niche you are going
to move on to building a step-by-step guide to offer to the

All you need to do is take the time to go out there and research on
the forums or blogs. Your job is to find authority info and
filter out the junk out there and collect and learn the quality
material. On your topic.

Study Strategies

It can at first be daunting knowing that you have a lot of material
to cover in your particular niche. With patients and dedication it
will go by quicker than you think.

now that you have learned all that there is to learn from the
highest quality material is time to throw together your guide in a
PDF format.

after you have your unique guide put together and ready to go, You
will need a website.

Third part: Building a Website

Now you're going to go ahead and build a website that
will be hosting your e-book,Interviews and reviews.

As we are going to be using WordPress you will not need to install
any third party applications on your PC. Instead you are going to
be installing directly on your Web server. This will give you the
ability to access and edit your site from any computer. Like I
always say mobility is king.

After you set up your WordPress platform and uploaded your new PDF
guide. You are going to need to set up a Aweber account so that you
will be able to start building
a list.

By setting up a Aweber, you will have the ability to better connect
and communicate with your customers on a long-term basis. And trust
me, this will help you out way more than you think.

Fourth part: Driving Traffic

Your next step will be to drive traffic to this newly
developed site. how will you know, if you developed a sure fire


I have been a member of the warrior forum for a long time now. So I
can guarantee you that the WSO, section is A very good place to
test your product and sales copy prior to a big launch.

Think of it as a pre-pre-launch so that you have something to show your JV partners.

Through a pre-prelaunch on the warrior forum you are able to:

* Test your product

* Test conversions

* Get feedback

* Get the name of your product out

* Build a list of affiliates

* Get testimonials

And much more...

You will get good honest feedback. If you have dud as a product,
you will know it quickly, on the other hand if you have a great offer
the word will spread and your credibility will rise.

So go ahead and offer a warrior special offer on your guide,
make sure on your download page that you had a opt in form for
people to sign up to your list a list is very very important for
the success of your business. So don't do as many of my colleagues
have done and neglect this important task.

Joint Venture

Now that you tested your sales copy and product and have a proven
conversion rate. It will now be time to contact the bigwigs in your
industry and offer to do adswap with them, It will drastically
increase your traffic to your site and explode your list.

Don't forget to collect testimonials from your WSO, your JV partners
will most definitely be impressed if you bring a overwhelming amount
of positive warrior reviews to the table. If the product can succeed on
the warrior forum, it will most definitely succeed in the broad market
and the majority of bigwigs know this.

Getting traffic can be very much like throwing a big party. You
want a lot of people to come to your party, a.k.a. your website,
but in order to do that you can't just say hey I'm throwing a party
to yourself and expect people to come.

You must go out there and find the popular people and invite them
to come to a party that will give them the opportunity to growth
there social connections (social connections being their business
and profit).

So who are the popular people, gurus, of course. They have a list
of followers and are always looking to grow that list. So it makes
sense to say that the gurus will be willing to suggest to their
list to head over to your website, if it can in return double their
list and conversions?

So the first thing you will need to know is where these popular
people hangout so you can start your list of contacts.

Below you'll find some of The most popular places for the gurus to
hangout. It my opinion you should read the rules and regulations At
each of these hangouts to make sure you do not start any fights and
end up getting banned:

Joint Venture (JV) Lists, Announcements, Blogs, And Community Forums.

Joint Ventures

Joint Venture Brokers | Training and Strategy

The IM Reporter

Welcome to JV University: Giving You The Tools To Guarantee Your Success

Marketing Ideas and Insights

You will need to go and make a list of possible JV partners. Contact
them and see if they are willing to do a JV Adswap with you.

For each JV that is willing to do a adswap with you, You want to set up a
personalized a opt in page welcoming your JV's visitors.

Fifth part: E-Mail Marketing

Now that you have a list it is time to monetize it and start
making a decent income.

It is important to stay in continuous contact with your list. Speak
to them as if they were your friend. Not as a whole group in general.
It is important to build this relationship and friendship and not
continuously hard-sell on affiliate programs.

You can find some great affiliate programs at the following link:

And that's basically it.

Hope you enjoyed reading. I also hope that it sparks some new
ideas for you in your business.

Ps. If you have any input on this method I would love to hear it.

Pss. For everyone out there worrying if they have what it takes
to succeed at their dreams know that I was able to use my so-called
setbacks (dyslexia) as a catalyst to my success.
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    Little Big Bubba's Avatar
    Very informitive for a newbie, and I do agree that the newbie market is a good place to start with the niche. I know I can use all the help possible. I do have a couple of websites but very slow and now trying to venture out and learn new ways that will help convert into building lists, and bank accounts.
    Posted 22nd October 2009 at 04:52 AM by Little Big Bubba Little Big Bubba is offline

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