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Write Without Worrying?

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Posted 29th April 2014 at 10:54 AM by colorado1850

Write Without Worrying

Do you ever get distracted?

We all do. It seems like our brains are wired to prevent us from focusing too much. Even though focus is the key to accomplishment, our brains will throw any number of distractions at us.

The number one piece of advice I can give you is to forget all about the final product of your book – where it will be sold and in what format. Forget about which software is the best for writing books. Simply focus on getting the book written.

As you write, you can create your own little set of “codes” to use as notes for things to add later in the formatting phase – like images, sidebars, and quotations. Use something like [Image] and [myQuote]write quote here[myQuote].
If it helps, pretend like a major publishing house has just signed a big book deal with you. All you need to do is write the book and they will take care of the rest. Oh- and they need the book done in three months.

Take that sort of mentality to your work every day and just focus on getting your first draft / second draft / nth draft done by your deadline.

And in case you are wondering what software is best for writing: it doesn’t matter. Again, this is just your brain looking for an excuse to waste a month learning how to use something new (and thereby preventing you from getting your real work done!)

Most of the great writers in history didn’t have Scrivener or Microsoft Word. Use Google Docs or Open Office or Word or Pages. It really doesn’t matter.

How do you avoid distractions when you write? Leave a comment with your answer...

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