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A guide to using the Warrior Forum from the thrifty perspective.
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Resisting the Urge to Splurge on WSOs

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Posted 29th August 2008 at 11:25 PM by Dan C. Rinnert

I've been a member of the Warrior Forum for just a little over a month. In that time, I've learned some important things about WSOs. No doubt, this will be old hat to the established warriors, but I hope this will be of help to the newbies on the forum.

In my short time on here, I've already purchased a number of WSOs. I haven't been disappointed with any of them, except for the one I never received but that's another story. Of course, I don't buy every WSO that comes up. To avoid disappointment, you need to look at WSOs with a critical eye. Here are some tips.

Will You Really Use It?

You will come across many great deals in the Warrior Special Offers. Some are hard to resist, but resist you often must! First of all, consider whether you will really use it. Be honest with yourself, after all, this is real money you will be spending. Something may be a good deal at $17 (or whatever the price may be), but if you don't put it to use, you've wasted that $17. It doesn't matter how good the deal is; if you don't make use of the product, you might as well have just tossed the $17 away. Yes, I intentionally said that twice to get the point across. Plus, if you don't spend that $17, you'll have that $17 to spend on another WSO that you may find; one which you might actually put to use!

So, no matter how good the deal is, if it's not something you're going to use, don't buy it!

There Will Be Other WSOs

Maybe money is tight, but, boy, that $67 WSO is certainly a good deal. You can't pass it up, right? Wrong! If money is tight, you shouldn't be spending it so freely! It may be a good deal, but it may be a better idea to put that $67 toward your credit card debt! You might get drawn into the sales pitch of how much money you will make, but if you're not a seasoned marketer, you're not likely to make that money right away. At least not before your credit card is due.

There will be other WSOs. There will be other great deals. Don't get wrapped into the sense of urgency the WSO may create. Set your priorities and don't worry if you can't buy a particular WSO. There will be others in the future. And, they may even be better than the one you had to pass up.

Does It Offer You Any New Information You Can't Find for Free?

Before buying a WSO, search the Warrior Forum. Search is your friend. Learn to use it. It can save you money! You might find that the information you're looking for is already available in a thread, free. Maybe it won't be the exact same information, but if it helps you accomplish your goal or make some money, it's done its thing, right? And, it was free. Some WSOs do have valuable information in them that isn't easily found elsewhere, but do yourself a favor and check first. Don't buy and then check and then complain! Check first, then buy if you cannot find the information you seek.

Will You Actually Use It?

Experiencing deja vu? Good, because I did say this already, but some people need to be hit over the head with it. Will you really use the product or service being sold in the WSO? Will you really put it to use? Oh, yes, you're say to yourself, I'm going to do this right away! But, then you buy it, download it, read it, go eat dinner, watch TV, and the thing will sit on your hard drive for the next six months, until you forget about it all together and end up tossing it when you clean off your hard drive. If you're not going to use it, don't buy it!

Use It or You're Losing It!

Okay, so you're still intent on buying a WSO, because you're so sure that you're going to put it to use and start making money. Fine. Buy it. But, do not buy another WSO until you have put the first one to use! No matter how good the deal is, if you haven't put the first WSO you bought to use yet, don't go buying a second one! You're just throwing your money away if you're buying things up and not using them! And, you'll likely end up being one of those people that buy and buy and buy and have countless eBooks, PLR and other materials on their hard drives that they've never done anything with, and then you'll come in with a sob story about how you can't make money online! Well, if you don't put anything you've bought to use, don't complain you can't make any money.

Once you buy a WSO, don't buy another one until you've put that first one to use. And, if you just can't find the motivation to sit down and do something with it, maybe Internet marketing just isn't for you.
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