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Classroom Notes! Week 2

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Posted 9th September 2013 at 09:33 AM by Devin X

[B]Valuable Takeaways
1. Be awesome, entertaining, and a lil controversial.
2. Over-deliver on the product, service, and fulfillment.
3. Keep it simple and dominate it.
4. Go into 1 niche that you understand and would want to buy yourself.
5. Make sure that the end result or promise is greater than the cost.

[B]Business Ideas & Models[/B]

[B]Domain Flipping
1. You need to buy keyword based domain names that have hundreds or thousands of searches per month.

2. Use the Google Keyword tool to find good key-phrases. Remember to use the [Exact] setting, otherwise you're doing it wrong. Examples include "howtobecomea" (14,000/month) and "" (18,000/month)

3. Buy the domain and host it. Use godaddy or 1&1 for the registrar and hostgator or bluehost for hosting.

4. You might need to set up simple Wordpress sites on those domains to increase perceived value. Don't worry, it's not that complicated. Wordpress is pretty user friendly and they have a lot of themes to use.

5. Set up accounts on the Warrior Forum, Escrow, Sedo, and Flippa (optional).

6. Once done, set up a listing for the website on Sedo and Warrior Websites for Sale. You'll need good sales copy and include all related materials such as screenshots, traffic stats, and keyword relevance.

7. Once sold, transfer domain and nameservers to the buyer. Done. You should get this down pat and then you can outsource almost the whole process via elance or easyoutsource.

[B]Offer Services
1. Grab a piece of paper
2. Write down everything you are good at
3. Take the top 3 you can do immediately
4. Offer them as a service to people
5. Bid on jobs and take work when you get it
6. Outsource the work to your virtual assistant or do it yourself
7. Deliver the work
8 Collect payments via PayPal and pay your assistant if applicable

[B]Promoting your services...
1. Forums (ie Warrior Forum)

You need to be personable and not come across as scammy, desperate, or shady. Be cool and helpful around the forum and then once people start warming up to you, post your jobs in the "classifieds" or "warriors for hire" section. Also, make a cool signature file that links to your gigs.

2. Facebook Groups
3. linkedIn Groups

Same approach as forums except it might take a little longer and you need to and needs to be really one on one through direct messaging.

4. Local Offline Businesses
5. Local Colleges

Cold Calling, Walk Ins, or COC meetings are good approaches. Have a pitch ready and try each prospect at least twice. If you have a budget, do some advertising in the local newspaper or shopping guide.

6. Craigslist
7. Problogger Job Board

Post gigs and respond to gigs that are already posted by potential clients. Keep it real and don't over-promise on anything. KISS!

[B]Services that people will pay for...
1. Creating Videos
2. Editing Videos
3. Creating Websites or Landing Pages
4. Posting Ads
5. Creating Graphics
6. Coding Websites or Applications
7. Writing Articles

[B]Important Caveats...
1.If you can't do the services yourself, you can outsource the work through easy outsource [dot] com or elance [dot] com or guru [dot] com.

2. You can charge between $100 to $1000+ per gig. You might have to haggle the price but that's okay.

3. Write up a work contract and make sure it's agreed upon before doing the work or outsourcing it.

4. Take screenshots and build a portfolio on blogger as you get more work done. This will make getting more clients easier.

*If you can't do the services yourself, you can outsource the work through easy outsource [dot] com or elance [dot] com or guru [dot] com.

[B]Business Niches
Weight Loss
Break Dancing
Green Energy
Tax Help
Dog Training
Cat Training
Parrot Training
Homeopathic Treatment
How to make money
How to do article marketing
How to do video marketing
Gaming Guides
How to play guitar
How to play piano
Search Engine Optimization
Lose man boobs
Lose belly fat
Family Governance
Single Parenthood or Parenthood
Breakup Help
Stopping Divorce
Make money with art
How to jump higher (for basketball players)

*Dating or Pick Up Product*
E-Book How To
Start with table of contents
Solve the issue of not picking up women

Video Series

Interviews with friends
Interviews with women
Videos Style


Write the article
make it 500-1000 words
make it interesting, controversial, informative, curious, and/or entertaining
examples of content include:


hot trendy topics

Top 10, 20, 50, 100 lists

Comprehensive article on a specific problem within your industry. ie. getting inside the mind of a woman at a club.

How to articles

Shout outs. Find a cool article from another marketer and talk about it. link that article or merely comment on it.

*Once the article is written. You want to publish it on your site or blog. Then you want to ping it at

*Wait up to 7 days. After the article is indexed, you want to copy and paste that article into EZINE articles and Goarticles.

* This is passive syndication, where other webmasters will take your article and use it for their websites or email lists. They will include your link and so this will generate more traffic for you.

*You want to link back to your website or squeeze page so that people opt into your list.

*You don't really want to link directly to a sales page because if they don't buy the product, then you will most likely lose them, where if you send them to a squeeze page where they opt into your list, you have a new prospect.

*Besides passive syndication, there is also active syndication or what is commonly called Guest Blogging/Posting. Here you provide articles to other bloggers and ezine writers that you have developed a relationship with.
Video Marketing by recycling content.

After you have these articles, you can create screen capture videos or regular videos just going over the same content that you went over in an article you wrote. This is a great way to amplify your marketing efforts without having to stress over producing more original content. Submit the videos to Youtube and Vimeo if you'd like and link back to your blog.

Also, you can create powerpoint presentations or pdf reports from the same content and submit those files to Web 2.0 properties such as Sideshare

Forum marketing
Find popular forums in the dating and hook up markets
create accounts and chill out and talk with the community.


1. Set up meetings with your friends. Talk about recording short interviews and videos.

2. Write the table of contents for your ebook and decide what promise to deliver on.

3. Write 2 articles 500-1000 words on the topic of picking girls up, talking to women, working on your inner game as a man, etc

Be sure to check out my blog, [URL=""][B]Devon Dudeman [/B][/URL]and get to know me. Let me show you how to become healthy, wealthy, and wise.
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