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First post, first thoughts...

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Posted 2nd August 2011 at 10:32 AM by Dianaiad

I'm a teacher. This means...pretty much nothing in terms of internet marketing, but it does mean that I know about graphic organizers like mind maps.

Now these organizers are supposed to be helpful, yes? That is, they are supposed to help you get your thoughts in order, your plan together, your thinking cap unwrinkled...but there are times when a mind map looks less like an organizer and more like a cobweb. You know, going off in every direction, easily torn and generally dusty around the edges.

That was what my ‘mindmap’ looked like, certainly! When I began this idea of becoming an internet marketer, I had three things in mind: first, nobody is hiring 62 year old teachers in California, especially 62 year old teachers with less than two years of teaching experience. Second: I purely LOATHE company politics; I’m not a team player. I'm a good teacher, because as a teacher, I was in control of the situation; I was either in front of everybody, or was helping students one on one or in very small groups. Teaching was fun. I loved it. I still do. However, teaching in a public school system is not all about, or even mostly about, teaching students—and that was a shock! There is no system of political infighting that can come close to being in a public high school.
I really didn't like being in an office, or selling stuff, or punching time clocks, or being monitored, or....I really hate working for other people!

Finally, because I am unemployed and I do hate working for other people, I needed to find a way to keep a roof over my head. At my age, I need to find something that will do THAT, that will be fun to do, and that will keep me going through my 'golden years.' Retirement is not an option; I'm a widow, I have parents to care for, and my retirement went out the window when my husband became ill. It is astounding what 2 years of fighting cancer will do to one's finances, never mind the affect on every other aspect of one's life.

Now we have the reasons I'm investigating Internet Marketing
Did you notice something that was NOT in the above list of reasons to investigate Internet Marketing?

Let’s see…
  • Unemployed, check.
  • Broke, check.
  • Wants to work for oneself, check.

Yep, here I am, the classic schlub; exactly the sort of desperate person all those ‘pie in the sky,’ ‘make money while you sleep,” shiny button internet marketing sharks look at and see dollar signs. Lots of them.
There are LOTS of us out there, and we will all plunk down $19, or $27, or $47, even ‘$97 and up, for the next guaranteed thing to make big internet bucks. Some of us spend literally thousands of dollars trying to do this internet thing. Most of us fail; some quietly, some epically, but ‘fail’ is the operative word.
For me, the problem was definitely in my mindmap; I was doing desperation thinking. Because I didn’t know anything, I tried everything.

All at once.

I fell for almost everything. In fact, the reason I didn’t spend thousands of dollars isn’t because I was smart about things—it was because I didn’t have thousands of dollars to spend. I was the willing victim of every cheap internet marketing scheme ever offered, and none of them actually taught me anything.

As I got deeper into it, I came to the conclusion that internet marketing was the ultimate carnival side show that offered anything but honesty, and delivered everything but value.

Then I discovered the Warrior Forum, and started using my brain for something other than keeping my skull from imploding. I retrenched…and yes, I spent more money.
However, I spent it on a: joining the war room, b: a couple of WSO’s that had solid value in basic internet marketing training and that did NOT promise that I’d be a millionaire in the morning.

I stopped doing everything and started learning a few things.

Took a deep breath.

Got four domains, reflecting areas I actually KNOW about:

and one Plug in Profits website (I told you that I fell for everything..) that had earned me NO money at all, but is costing me money every month. If you actually read this blog entry at the time I post it, and go to any of those sites, you will see a complete and utter mess; nothing to buy, nothing to read... I’m taking them down and redoing them, properly.

I’ll let you know what happens.
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