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What i do offline > my recent ventures

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Posted 20th April 2012 at 11:19 PM by Diver's

Hi Warriors,

its been a while since i last posted here. I was busy doing some offline work and office matters. just to share a little bit of my short 6 month offline ventures. I have a steady job, but off course the reason i went online is to create that extra income to pay utility bills, mobile and sat tv, house rent, due to my nature of work i have two house, one rented and the other i pay monthly installment which took almost half of my fix income and other few commitments.

I met an old friend who has been really successful in property trade, he propose development lands to potential buyers and industry players/developers, land suitable for housing, commercial and industrial. As for me, my day job as gov. town planner, so these kind of development consultation is really within my field, but i'm more into 'forward planning', which involve in making development plans and zoning for 15-20 years projection.

I decided to to give it a try. took my first piece of land tittle from him and started looking for buyers. I was just transfered/promoted to my new working place, at that point of time i was like only 2 months in my new office. I have a housemate, who was working as an assistant town planner, he's been working for 2 years. I dont have much contacts at that moment. I propose the land to him and tell him if he knows any potential buyers. He took the land title, we searched for some info, guidelines and so on, then he proposed to a potential friend.

He was interested to buy that piece of industrial land, we arrange for site visit and the deal was on, for $1.5 million, but the buyer need some valuation report to convince his company. We told him about the POTENTIAL and propose him IDEAS. He needed to invest for his company expansion.

The buyer has Needs, and we proposed something below market price and present him IDEAS and what he can do with that piece of land. My friend who was a land expert, talk his way to convince the buyer, and the land was sold.

After like three weeks, the valuation report completed and we went to the lawyers to work out Sales and Purchase agreement..

Lands sales was commission based, so we managed to get a few thousands each. It was a great first experience for me. Since that, i've gain confidence to work out and sells/promote bigger piece of land, and produce more details on the said land 'Potential'.

Selling ideas, and having the right knowledge really helps to convince most importantly we don't 'HYPE'.

Although this is not directly 'internet marketing' kind of stuff, but i'm sure there is something to learn from this small experience. There are other possibilities waiting once this is transferred to online platform.

I do personally emails public listed company and development sections of companies to gain access and exchanged contacts with developers and potential buyers. I considered what i'm doing as 'business development' proposing ideas for the piece of land that i earn commissions from.

That's all for now, talk to you guys later.


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