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success in ten steps

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Posted 20th June 2009 at 06:09 PM by djjayd
Updated 20th June 2009 at 06:11 PM by djjayd (fixed links)

So the story goes like this. "I need money. My job stinks (if you even have a job). It doesnt pay all the bills unless I work overtime. Then I dont see my family. Then I..." You get the picture. The average american struggles with getting ahead every year, the story never changes. Even if you were to get a better job or make more money, there is always something to bring you back down, to keep you down. Some people even get to the point that they feel they are better off poor and not having anything so they dont have to struggle so much. Its rough out there. I understand. So what do you do? How do you get ahead?

So you've already tried climbing the corporate ladder, so to speak, at your current job. It seems that no matter what, when you try to take a step forward you take two or more back. If you do get ahead or promoted you end up working twice as hard. Alot of people are tired of this. It seems like the only way to truely get ahead is if you know someone that can get you there and make it easy on you. If your lucky. So you spend time searching and looking for a better way. There are all sorts of opportunities out there to make money, but it seems everyone else makes money with them except you. This is not entirely true. You can look up alot of numbers online but the story tends to go like this.

50% or more of new businesses fail within their first year, and another 40% or more fail before making it to two years.
It is known that around 10% or less of any new business out there will still be around after two years of being up and running.
Its just as bad if not worse for online businesses as well. Funny thing is that an online business has much less overhead then a traditional offline business.
People trying to make money online through network marketing, MLM companies, and direct selling also struggle with these opportunities as well.
Numbers are around 95-97% of network marketers dont make it, and somewhere around 60% or so dont make a profit with direct selling, and alot of the profit that some of the 40% make isnt even enough to pay their bills so that isnt working either.

So in traditional offline jobs you struggle to get ahead, unless you work two jobs or work overtime. In the online world you see so many programs that promise the world and flash easy cash in your face and you wonder why you cant seem to make the same money they are making. Well there are some really good reasons why there are few people making money with network marketing and all these get rich overnight programs.

1. They have a huge list of email addresses from people they have gathered over time promoting other products and whatnot or other means of getting peoples' email addresses.
2. They have the skills required to promote and sell these programs and products. This is something so many people overlook, even myself.
3. They know what to do with people that say no. This is HUGE. If you just try to sell something to someone and they say no and you leave it at that, your not going to be successful at all in any business. I dont mean just keep asking the same question or selling the same product to them til they say yes. You have to have another option or alternative. You need to understand your potential buyer and what they are looking for and sell that to them. The best marketers in the business understand this and that is why they make a lot of money.

So now why can't you be successful in an online business? Why cant you just plug into a system and start making money right away? Bottom line is network marketing is about PEOPLE and it is about SELLING. Direct selling is about - ... take a guess. If you are not a good seller or you are not a good people person, you will not be successful. If you are a good people person though you can probably do well in SOME network marketing opportunities, just depends on how little selling you actually have to do. You can do well in direct selling if your a good seller, you don't necessarily have to be a people person.

Imagine this. What if you can be both? What if your life was based around not only helping people with what they want but also being able to sell to people without it even feeling like your some pushy salesperson? Bottom line is you need to get to work on brushing up on not only your people skills, but getting some sales skills down as well. If you truely want to change your life for the better and be more successful, YOU NEED TO FIX YOUR SELF FIRST.

Now comes the part where your expecting me to sell you an E-book, or a system, or anything for that matter to get something out of taking my time to write up this blog, right?

So here it goes. My pushy sales pitch.

Download my ****F.R.E.E**** E-book

Free? Whats with all the astriskes and dots and all that? Its simple. Its not really free if consider taking your time to read it and understand it. Yes it is free so to speak that you dont have to spend your money. But I want you all to understand, that what this book tells you will help open your eyes to alot of things happening in this world, especially on the internet.

This book and the people I am associating myself with now is changing my life. It has opened my eyes to what I have been doing wrong for so long. All the money wasted. The time, I can't really put a number on it, I am sure its several HUNDRED hours wasted researching and working on programs to make ZERO money.

I am going to touch on a few things that the book covers real quick because I think they are important.

First and something I think is extremely important is knowing and understanding people that you talk to about your business. This book teaches you about a color system that makes it so simple to figure out someone you are talking quickly so that you know how to interact with them better. Instead of having to spend hours, days or weeks building a relationship with someone, and remember networking is all about people, you can build a solid bond literally within minutes of meeting someone.
Another thing that this book touches on is how you look for a company or business to associate yourself with. I have looked back at alot of the stuff I had been doing and applied what I learned from this book and was blown away. If I had only known about this book sooner there were many "opportunities" that I would have laughed if I had known how to better research them.

I want you to really think about where you want to go in life, and how you plan on getting there. If you are already doing well in your business, I am truely happy for you. I would say to still check this book out, remember its free it just takes some time to read it. Consider if what you are doing is what you believe will work for you for a long time.
If things are not going so well for you I URGE you to step back and look at the big picture here. Download this book and start working on YOU. Then take the next step and find a company to work with that will pass all the tests you find out about in this book. After I read this book and did more research and applied what I learned, I was able to sift through all the garbage out there so much quicker and find what actually works. Its kinda like being handed a metal detector. If you go hunting around looking for treasure without one, its possible you may find something, but its so much easier if you have the right tools.

Download today and get started on the right path.

To your future success, I wish you all the best, good luck.

Your friend and mentor
Jim Dayton
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