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In the beginning...

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Posted 12th March 2010 at 09:02 AM by DonFinch

My name is Don Finch, Thanks for visiting my new blog.

About Me!

I deal with the business improvement sector of the military during my day job (with just 2 years left), but of an evening I am an Internet Marketer and Business Improvement mentor.

I am also a trained copywriter. I deal mainly with offline businesses at the moment which takes up a lot of my time in the evening but I also help people with their sales pages and marketing campaigns.

I don’t have time now a'days to actually sit down and write a sales letter from scratch (unless paid a lot, ha ha) but I have helped quite a few people with their pages.

As I am very new to this forum… and as no one has ever head of me or my services before I have this offer for you - just for coming to view my new blog.

If you have had a sales page created but its not converting the way it should, or you just feel it's missing that little bit extra... if you have a page that is starting to get tired and could do with bringing up to date then PM me and I will take a look for you.......

FOR FREE, yup, that’s right, for free!

So I guess you must be wondering Why should you send it to me?

Well I was trained by one of the best copywriters in the country, if not the world - Alan Forrest Smith. I have been in the improvement sector for 5 years now, so I guess you could say I know a few things about what works.

Okay, so why am I prepared to do this for nothing – good question??

Why, well I need to build a profile here on WF and even though I used to think that testimonials were worthless, even this sceptical sod has had to change, the power is in the testimonial I have seen the light, lol?

So that’s it… all I would ask in return is... yup, a testimonial.

Here is how it works:

You send me over your sales page and I will review it for you in Camtasia, so not only will you have your page greatly improved but you will be able to see and hear exactly how I did it - all for FREE! How does that sound, not bad for nothing eh?

I then send it back to you, you then view the video… if you like what I have done with a new headline (probably the hardest part to get right in a sales letter!) – benefits etc… then you change your site, if not just delete it, no problem – and no testimonial! It just gets better!

Okay, that’s my lot for the first post, if you like the idea of something for absolutely NOTHING then PM me and let’s get started before I decide to offer this to the whole forum and I will be too busy!

Regards & best wishes,

Don Finch

Note: Please don’t send me pages that you have just spent a fortune on from a fellow copywriter because chances are, if they are any good, I wont be able to make any changes to it, please don’t waste my time... but more importantly... your time! - Think about it?
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