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Offliners leave the small businesses alone!!!!

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Posted 2nd April 2014 at 04:13 AM by Edward Green

Okay, this is a little bit of a provocative title but I'm sure you'll agree with me in a moment when I explain what I mean.

Most of the Warrior special offer products and other general off-line marketing products that are produced are aimed squarely at the dentists, chiropractors, plumbers, roofers et cetera et cetera.

Firstly, I believe the reason most of the off-line how-to products target the small markets is because the writers know they that they are pretty safe with the smaller markets although i think they rarely produce results. I think that they think that you will recognise the basic popular format of chasing the small biz markets and be satisfied with what you are purchasing from them usually without question.

And the model on occasion is solid enough but times have changed.

The dentists, chiropractors, roofers, plumbers, and all of the rest of the small target markets quite often are happy with their lot. They don't want to set the world on fire, they don't want more hassle that comes with more business. Also, they have been hammered by all and sundry trying to get them to spend their little bit of profit on internet marketing stuff that quite frankly doesn't really produce results, or indeed the top of results are looking for. A lot of them have been ripped off by the international PPC thieves that constantly email them to peddle their useless wares.

At best it may raise the profile of the brand assuming they have something that is brandable.

Some of these small businesses don't even have the money to pay for marketing services. The majority of these sml business people have tried using the Internet for Leads and realised that by using SEO, social media and other cheap forms of marketing they can get leads for nothing. In fact, I'm sure they have been successful in some instances and got leads for nothing via their industry forums and the Internet in general. but probably haven't had consistently good results and therefore have stopped using the Internet for lead generation.

So what makes you think they will pay for your services?

Let me tell you, in the main, they absolutely wont they will try everything to get you to do stuff for free and once you have done it they will leave. Maybe I'm very cynical but I have a small group that I work with that all tell me the same thing. Small businesses don't really get it and dont particularly want to pay for anything ongoing and that they are ducking and diving trying to eke a living out.

A lot of the offline paid reports and similar products for off-line marketing use the structure telling you to give something away for free. Use reciprocity it screams as you read the PDF. Give away your very best information or service and they will come back for more.

What a load of crap!!

Okay guys you want to know how to earn money with off-line marketing consultancy as I see it?

Chase after the bigger fish. Only target companies with turnovers of $5 million-$15 million.

Put together an unbeatable Internet marketing package you can offer to these medium-size businesses. This will form the basis of your USP nobody can offer this package because it's bespoke to you. Make sure that the package is a total marketing plan good enough that you can charge a lot of money for it and you can outsource it really easily without worrying about buying the best services for your clients.

My presentation can be anything up to 4 hours long. I know, I know, who the hell is going to sit through a four-hour presentation. Generally speaking not everybody but if I've got anybody still in the room after two hours I know I have a sale.

I would charge no less than £1000 or $1500 per month as a retainer which stops you working for their competitors and then I would charge 10-12% of the gross profit you have introduced into the business on a monthly basis paid quarterly.

This system tells a medium-size business you have put your money where your mouth is. If you don't perform you don't get 10%-12%. Because 10%-12% of nil is still nil .

These people have the money to burn and would like you on staff just simply to stop their competitors getting access to you and your industry dominating package. Remember it’s a lot easier to help a business with IM when they aren’t crying for leads every day and can commit to a 12 month plan without flinching.

Don't get me wrong here not having a go at any of the guys are writing the five dollar offline reports. As you may be aware I also on occasions write these reports but I only put down workable models that I personally use.

So bear in mind that the market is becoming swamped with off-line marketeers offering SEO, PPC ect. These people are doomed to failure or will earn very little money because they are working in markets that will not pay and if they do they pay very little.

If you just look for one medium-size company a month after 1 years work you could be earning around about $18,000 every month on retainer and hundreds of thousands of dollars every year on gross commission from increase revenues if you choose the best niches, the ones with the money.

My point is set your target and go after these companies they are not being serviced by anybody. Large companies service by large Ad agencies. The smaller companies are serviced by the small off-line marketers earning a pittance for small tasks, and the medium-size businesses will be serviced by you with a true meaty 12 month marketing package covering the whole shebang.

So if you had $18,000 a month coming in how difficult you think it would be to put your package deal in front of your target medium size business?

You could buy all of the mailing lists that you need, have a professional copywriter write the copy, get a beautifully created printed package to send by direct-mail to the decision-makers of these companies.

You could use the techniques that Dan Kennedy often describes such as using lumpy mail. Or the Bob Serling type of deal where you are sending an important package via FedEx or similar.

My point is if you go after these medium-size companies you have more funds and time available to easily get one company a month.

And guess who the CEO of the medium sized business has in his network of friends and colleagues? Not a Plumber, Dentist or Chiropractor in sight.

work smart not hard.

If you want to discuss it further look me up especially if you are in the UK.
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    I ain't even mad... that was impressive :-)
    I don't fully agree with the whole 5-15 million figure, but i believe that if you target companies that have at least 10 employees (can't tell about their value), i think you'll do just fine.
    Posted 4th April 2014 at 12:22 AM by Tibi Selejan Tibi Selejan is offline

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