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Free Blog Sites for 2014

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Posted 24th June 2014 at 11:09 AM by ExceedStandard

Free Blog Sites for 2014

NOTE: WF limits blogs to only 4 images. To see the full article with images, visit Siteplexx Magazine.
It seems that a lot of people are on the hunt for free blog sites. Why not? Blogging is definitely a good idea for many reasons. Whether you are wanting to put your name or brand out there, or trying to build some good backlinks the honest way, blogging can definitely help you achieve that. If you are doing this to build backlinks for your site, then you probably don’t want to be paying for each blog service. I can’t blame you. Spending a ton of cash for using multiple blog platforms isn’t exactly a great strategy.
With that being said, I took the initiative to help you out and provide you with several free blogging platforms that you can use to further your brand name and gain exposure, or to build backlinks to your site.
Not Another “Top 10 Free Blogs” Post!
I know, there are already multiple posts all over the web that claim to be providing links to “free blog sites” or better yet, the “best blog sites”. So why am I doing this you ask? The answer is very simple and straight forward. There are a lot of sites around the web making big promises but making small deliveries. If you happen to do a Google search for “free blog sites”, you will come up with the answer. You will find that there are plenty of related searches for “top 10 free blogging sites”, and you will even find multiple posts reviewing free blogging platforms.
Unfortunately, none of these sites are delivering relevant information. Most of the blogs mentioned on these other sites are either no longer free or not in existence anymore! Therefore, I believe my post to be a valuable resource for bloggers in 2014.
What Happened to Guest Posting?
Not that long ago, many sites were looking for people to contribute to their site through participating in what is known as “Guest Posting”. Although there are still quite a few sites that allow guest posts, a lot of sites are shutting the service down. After looking into this, it is apparent that an increase in spammers has had a negative effect on many of these sites. PageRank is dropping and webmasters aren’t having it.
[COLOR="rgb(255, 140, 0)"]But what does Matt Cutts say?[/COLOR]

What is a Guest Post?
Guest Posting can be defined as the process of writing content for a site or blog other than your own. Guest posting is supposed to create a beneficial relationship between the guest that publishes the post and the webmaster whose site the post will be published to. The content author includes a link to his own site in the post which gives him a link back to his site and some extra exposure. Sounds like a great deal doesn’t it?
Unfortunately, there are people in this world that choose to take advantage and abuse the privileges that they receive, and this type of behavior ruins it for everybody.

Guest posting can really help you increase your ranking. Especially if you are publishing your articles to a high PR site which in return will provide you with a link back to your site. It’s a good and clean method to build backlinks.
Free Blogs List
Google PageRank: 9/10
Alexa Traffic Rank: 21
Bing Indexed Pages: 185,000,000
Avg. Monthly Unique Visitors: 30,000,000

WordPress offers you a free blog with 3GB of storage and has lots of free themes for you to choose from. You can also purchase a custom design if that’s what you need. WordPress is probably going to be your best choice if you are shooting for running only one blog, and want a large selection of tools and plugins.
Let’s look at some reasons why you might want to consider using WordPress.

- Put an end to spam with free Akismet
- Compatible with moving to and from other blogging platforms (Import)
- Support for 50 + languages
- Easily track your analytics
- Great help and support

Because WordPress is the largest blogging platform in the world, they will definitely offer the most convenient way for you to blog. Rather than publishing from your desktop, you can publish to your blog directly from mobile apps for iOS, Droid, and BlackBerry. Unfortunately, WordPress is slacking on convenient ways for us to publish from the Windows Phone platform, but hopefully they will change that soon.
2. Tumblr
Google PageRank: 9/10
Alexa Traffic Rank: 21
Bing Indexed Pages: 185,000,000
Avg. Monthly Unique Visitors: 30,000,000
Microblogging Platform
Tumblr is best known as a platform for social networking and microblogging. Therefore, Tumblr is not your average traditional blog platform. Users tend to exchange short sentences, pictures, and video links. This type of content is referred to as microposts. There is a large selection of themes for users to choose from (both free and custom).
Mobile Apps
In 2009, Tumblr acquired Tumblerette which is an iOS app developed by Jeff Rock and Garrett Ross. This marked the launch of Tumblr’s official iPhone application on the Apple App Store. Shortly after the acquisition, Tumblr developed version 3.0 which added support for Spotify.
The site does support BlackBerry devices through an app called Mobelux, available in BlackBerry World.
Windows Phone
Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 is supported which is good news since a lot of services seem to dis-include Windows Phone. As one of the currently fastest growing platforms, it’s good to see that Tumblr is making an effort to support it.
Tumblr has been available on Android devices and is now even supported on Google Glass. A Google Glass application was released in May of last year (2013).
My Tumblr Microblog
You can take a look at what you are in for by checking out my Tumblr microblog. This is a blog that I post to frequently, but keep in mind that my blog isn’t the best example of what an attractive Tumblr blog is supposed to look like. The reason for this is that I mainly post to my Tumblr account via a WordPress plugin. Every time that I post an article to my WordPress site, it is automatically posted to Tumblr for me. Therefore not all of the images show up and I haven’t put much time into customizing it. Your blog should blow mine out of the water even if you put minimal effort into it.
Tumblr is a great way for you to effortlessly bring extra traffic to your site or blog. Since Tumblr is not a traditional blog, you can save time by treating it as a social network rather than trying to write long articles to get a backlink.
3. — What's your story?
Google PageRank: 6/10
Alexa Traffic Rank: 1,231
Bing Indexed Pages: 835,000
Avg. Monthly Unique Visitors: 500,000

General offers features such as multi-author blogs, service integration, and several free themes for you to choose from. Like every other blogging platform, the site allows you to upgrade to premium themes. You get a free 2GB of storage for your blog. Upgrades to 10GB, 20GB, or 30GB are available and start at $20 per year. is supported by advertisements. If you do not want advertisements appearing on your blog, the price is $30 per year. Custom themes cost $68 per year.
Multi-Author Blogging
Multi-author blogging allows you to combine your blogging efforts with other bloggers that share a mutual interest in your niche. The feature allows you to select your own team of authors who all have the ability to publish entries and review comments. Each blog is limited to 35 authors which is plenty unless you have a large staff of content writers. You can upgrade to unlimited authors for $25 per year.
Service Integration
The platform provides you with the tools necessary to share your content with major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Delicious. enables you to track your blog’s statistics via Google Analytics. Mobile posts are supported on iPhone or 3rd party apps. There is no information on whether or not any other smartphone platforms are supported.
Premium Features
Multimedia Support
The platform supports sharing your photos and you can even create a showcase gallery of photos, videos, music, documents, and presentations. However, this is not free as it is a Premium Feature!
The platform supports a customizable ads feature, allowing you to use Adsense. This is not free and only available as a Premium Feature.
My Blog
Here is an example of what your blog would look like. This is one of my articles on
All-in-all, is not a bad blogging platform. Of course, I only use it as a free platform to get more traffic to my websites, and for that it serves its purpose well.
4. Live Journal
LiveJournal: Discover global communities of friends who share your unique passions and interests.
Google PageRank: 8/10
Alexa Traffic Rank: 148
Bing Indexed Pages: 105,000
Avg. Monthly Unique Visitors: 1,800,000

Live Journal was founded in Russia and utilizes a quaternary unit of social networking. The platform uses a “friend” relationship which enables users to list their friends (flist). Friends on this list are then able to read special or private entries. Being added as a friend will cause a user’s entries to appear on their friends’ pages. Grouping is supported and users can group into groups of friends. The site allows feed syndication (RSS) which is a collection of the user’s latest entries.
Blog Breakdown
Each Live Journal user gets their own page which consists of that users most recent entries. The page also displays user comments. The site is most known for its distinctive “Friends List” feature. It gives the site an extra edge over other blogging sites by adding a strong social aspect. Every user has a “Friends” page that essentially collects all of the user’s most recent entries of the users on his/her friends list.
Users are able to customize their Live Journal account pages in many ways. For more advanced users, template modification is available using S2 (style system 2). Users can also upload a graphical avatar, or picture. Additionally, each Live Journal user has their own profile page which is essentially the user’s biography along with other information.
My Live Journal
Here is a link to my Journal. I have posted a few articles to the platform and am glad that it ended up not shutting down.
Although there doesn’t seem to be a way to really customize the look of your blog, or in this case, journal, the platform does has some unique features that you will not find anywhere else and makes operating a blog very easy. Depending on what your goals are, it may or may not be a good fit for you. For example, you wouldn’t want to use this platform to create a site for your company as it just wasn’t intended for that. However, it is still a useful tool to add to your arsenal.
5. Weebly
Google PageRank: 8/10
Alexa Traffic Rank: 231
Bing Indexed Pages: 27,100
Avg. Monthly Unique Visitors: 6,500,000

Weebly is most known for its free “drag-and-drop site builder, making site creation a breeze even for the most non-tech users. The site-builder can be described as widget-based and operates in the browser. It now hosts well over 30 million sites.
Weebly allows users to use a subdomain as long as the users’ name of choice is available. Users also have the option of either purchasing a domain name or redirecting one of their own domains. By default, the URL is “”.
There is support for basic blogging and e-Commerce features. Majority of Weebly users utilize the service to manage simple online stores and implement Stripe,, or PayPal to receive funds for customer transactions. Although user storage is unlimited, Weebly does place size restrictions on individual files.
Weebly allows users to implement advertising on their blogs which gives users an advantage over other similar blogging services that either do not offer their users the option to advertise, or a premium account is required.
Weebly gives users a couple of options when it comes to tracking site data. One option is to use Weebly’s own proprietary tracking tool. The latter is to go with Google Analytics. Either way, they got you covered. Another benefit to using Weebly is that it is supported on iPhone and Android. Hopefully, we will see Weebly support other mobile platforms in the future such as Windows Phone and BlackBerry.
Users can use their iPhone and Android mobile apps to monitor site traffic, interact with their blog by allowing mobile posting, and even to update and add products to their online stores.
My Weebly Blog
Here is what my blog looks like. I do have plans of posting new articles regularly. Unfortunately, my blog is still new right now.
I think that Weebly has a nice platform with many excellent features that make simple website and blog creation easy. I look forward to using the platform further myself. It is definitely one of the better blogging platforms out there.
6. Blogger
Google PageRank: 0/10
Alexa Traffic Rank: 66
Bing Indexed Pages: 1,590,000
Avg. Monthly Unique Visitors: 4,000,000

Google’s Blogger platform is now a well-known service to many bloggers. It offers features such as a Template Designer UI (user interface) allowing users to tweak their blog’s appearance to a certain extent. Even though Blogger offers a good selection of simple templates, and is very easy to use which is convenient if you are a new user. Thus, many beginners are starting out with a Blogger account. Of course, Blogger is a Google service and therefore it is obvious that it will be easy to integrate with all of your other awesome Google services.
One major advantage of maintaining a blogger account is that users get a variety of great features for free that other blogging services would charge them for. The last thing I will mention about Blogger is that users are authorized to set up custom domains at no charge at all.
My Blogger Site
Many years ago, I experimented with Blogger and published quite a few articles. Of course, things have changed since then. I opened a new Blogger account to test the platform out and get a feel for it. You can check out my blogspot here.
Blogger is extra simple to use and a good blogging platform to use considering that it is directly related to Google and links your Google services with your blog. For example, you have an excellent chance of building your reputation as an author due to Google’s Authorship feature.
7. - Create your free blog here
Google PageRank: 6/10
Alexa Traffic Rank: 12,456
Bing Indexed Pages: 85,200
Avg. Monthly Unique Visitors: 50,000

There isn’t much to say about other than it is a very simple service to use. With that being said, the platform has a few cool features, but does not allow much user customization. It has the look and feel of a forum, and utilizes a community-based system where users can create groups, and invite or add friends to those groups.
The platform supports feed syndication (RSS), and allows the users to keep a profile page which stores autobiographical information in addition to the user’s friends, photos, videos audio, documents, media albums, and a guestbook. Ultimately, anyone can view your profile and browse through all the user’s downloads.
Initially, I received an email telling me that my blog was shut down do to spam and abuse. I contacted support and told them who I was and provided them with a link to Siteplexx. I received an email the very next morning notifying me that my blog was back up. I am sure that several of these blogs use some type of program to monitor the keywords that are in your articles. So just remember, if this ever happens to you, explain it to support and don’t get discouraged. Now that it is back up, here is a link to my blog.
If you are looking for an attractive blog to act somewhat as a website for your company, then this may not be the solution. But, if you just want a place to share your content and build a little more exposure to your site as well as a backlink from a PR6, then this is a good and easy platform that will allow you to accomplish just that.
8. Freeblogit
Free Blog It
Google PageRank: 3/10
Alexa Traffic Rank: 310,187
Bing Indexed Pages: 12,200
Avg. Monthly Unique Visitors: No Data

Although I have not personally been able to create an account and test this platform out, I have heard many good things about it. I made several attempts to visit the site and try to register for an account. Unfortunately, the site has been down for quite some time, claiming to be going through a major update at this time. I will continue trying to register and will update my post once I have been able to do so.
In the meantime, I am interested in comments from anyone who has used or is using this platform. Do you like FreeBlogIt? Why or Why Not?
9. BlogDive

Get Your Free Wordpress Blog
Google PageRank: 3/10
Alexa Traffic Rank: 1,117,014
Bing Indexed Pages: 820
Avg. Monthly Unique Visitors: No Data

Unfortunately, BlogDive is shutting down registration for new users for a little while because of claims of too much spam. This is a prime example of what starts to happen when people take advantage of a privilege and selfishly abuse blogging platforms for personal gain. Hopefully BlogDive will open up new user registration again soon. I have seen dozens of blogging platforms shut down guest posting and even shut down their entire site because of spam. Since the recent Google Panda Update 4.0, many of these sites have been penalized for their poor content coming from guest posts. Webmasters are now having to take precautions and resort to these types of actions in order to protect their site’s PageRank. I don’t blame them at all, but it is certainly disappointing to see them shut their services off. With that being said, PLEASE do not abuse your privileges. I am providing you with this list of Free blogging platforms for you to utilize the services ethically. The main reason that this list needed to be created is because other similar lists are now irrelevant due to the large increase of blogging platforms shutting down. I don’t want to have to come up with a new list! So please, be considerate!
Google PageRank: 9/10
Alexa Traffic Rank: 21
Bing Indexed Pages: 185,000,000
Avg. Monthly Unique Visitors: 30,000,000
HeatBud allows users to choose a pen name that appears on their public profile page and in their blogs. The user can use his or her real name or a fictitious pen name.
Users can choose to link their Google Plus and Facebook account for authorship purposes. This is a nice feature to have as it will help build your reputation. To learn more about this feature, visit this link provided by HeatBud.
HeatBud stresses the fact that the most important info about your free blog is derived from your blog title and Zone Name, but the use of hashtags provides HeatBud with additional info that helps users while they are searching for blogs. Essentially, hashtags are the equivalent to tags on other blogs.
Note that HeatBud does not like, and heavily discourages keyword stuffing. If you use hashtags that have nothing to do with your blog post, HeatBud has an algorithm that will lower your blog’s rank. Ultimately, your blog will then be impossible to find in their search results so make sure you don’t abuse the use of hashtags on their blogging platform.
Collaboration with other HeatBud Bloggers
The platform heavily supports collaboration between bloggers. They provide you with several tools to make collaboration a cinch, and there are multiple ways to engage in conversations with other bloggers on the platform.

Every HeatBud user has a profile page where they are able to upload their profile pictures, write a description about themselves and their blog, and provide contact information or a website URL. However, HeatBud respects and intends to protect your privacy. They accomplish this by keeping your sensitive information private and allowing you to enable the internal email feature. Whether or not you want to have your real email address and URL displayed to the public is your choice.
Vote for Blogs
Upon reading a blog on HeatBud, you will be afforded with an opportunity to vote it “Down” or “Up” before you are able to proceed to the next one. Consider this your personal contribution (in addition to your contributed content) to the HeatBud community. This is the platform’s attempt to show their users higher quality blogs with high quality content. This can work towards your advantage if you publish great content. You are authorized to vote on your own blogs as well. So at the very minimum, you should have at least one “Up” vote.
Comments are the key to a great discussion and give your blog the opportunity to attract some attention. All comments are emailed to the blog’s author and any followers that the blog may have. This is beneficial as it is similar to using email marketing to promote your blog every time that a comment is left. Again, HeatBud loves collaboration!
Feel free to answer questions and “comment on comments”, as HeatBud refers to it. Thanking the commenter is highly encouraged by HeatBud which is another opportunity to keep the conversation (collaboration) going, and in a way refreshes your blog as an email will be sent to all your blog’s followers.

Delete Comments or Thank
As a blog owner, you are authorized to “delete” comments on your blog, or you may choose to “Thank” the reader which will serve as a major benefit considering that “Thanked” comments will advance to the top of the comment list.
My HeatBud Blog
I created an account to try out the service and wanted to share the link to my blog with you. Show me some love and vote it up! At the very least, you can take a look at it to get a feel for what your blog will look like.
Personally, I enjoyed using the platform and will be posting articles to it from now on. It is simple to use and shouldn’t give anyone any trouble.

Why These Blogs?
We made the decision to include these blogs in our list because they are all “FREE”!
There are no hidden fees or any tricks. However, you might see advertisements and be encouraged to purchase a domain name and hosting. Depending on what your plans for your blog are, you may or may not want to consider using your own domain name and hosting but you are certainly NOT required to!
I found other blogs that claim to be free but actually are no more than a trial membership. If you want to go this route, one that I particularly like is called SimpleSite. This blog comes with a 30-day trial if you want to check it out for yourself.
Some of these blogging platforms do allow you to use your own Adsense account for monetizing your blog and make a little bit of money with advertising. This is a nice bonus to have so pay attention and look for it.

30 of the Best Free SEO Tools

Did We Miss Anything?
I am planning on posting part 2 of this article within the next couple of weeks. I made another list of free blogs that I will be registering for and trying out. I will then report my results, here on Siteplexx. I am however curious to hear from all of you, and find out which blogging platforms you are using. Which blogging platforms are your favorite? Why?
Are there any free blogging platforms that you want me to review? Please post your replies in the comment section. Share! Share! Share! Although I am intending for this to be a resource for discovering the best free blogging platforms, you are welcome to share paid ones as well. Just be sure to indicate that they are not free. Does the paid blogging platform come with a free trial? Is a credit card required?
Please give us as much information as possible. Thanks in advance for your contributions and I hope that we can all discover new blogging services through the comments section.

To read the original article (Free Blog Sites For 2014), visit Siteplexx Magazine
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