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Making Money Offline

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Posted 25th November 2008 at 01:20 AM by George Wright

Hi All,

Edited for back link test.

As you know I'm a fan of making money offline with online information and products.

Here is just another way to do it. I've done this to a limited degree, however, the short time I've spent doing it produced pretty good results.

The chances are that you have a lot of RR products on your PC.

Pick out 10 or 12 of the best ones and burn them to a CD or DVD.

Carry a few with you wherever you go and when people ask you what you do for a living tell them you make money on the Internet.

When they ask you how. Take out the CD and say, "Funny you should ask." "I sell these products." "I've got about $1,000 worth of products on this disk that tell you how to do everything from how to build a website to how to create your own product."

When they ask "How much do you sell that for." Name your price. You should be able to get $25 to $100.

Now, if you don't want to be an accidental salesman do it on purpose.

Put a dozen RR products on the disk that could solve problems for Small Business people.

Include things like "What is hosting" "where do you find hosting." How do you get your own domain name." "How to do this and that etc etc."

Visit the business in your area and sell the product to the owner, manager and anyone else who's ears perk up when they see you selling.

One more thing. Prepare CDs or DVDs that are industry specific. That is real estate info and programs to sell in real estate offices, pet shop info for pet shop owners etc.

I've sold a lot of CDs however I have to admit that they were put together for people who want specific Info.

Just a for instance. A part time landlord ask me to research some tenant relationship things for him. I put everything on a CD and sold the one CD to him for $50.

A lady I know asked me to teach her how to use her PC. I quickly determined it would take me hours to teach her the basics, such as, how to use email, how to Instant Message, how to "surf the web." Etc.

I just wrote down all of her questions and determined what she really wanted to learn and put it all on a CD. $100 for a CD wasn't bad. Yea I did spend some time with her but not anything near what I would have to spend if I took the time to teach her everything that she could get from my CD on her own time schedule.

There are endless ways to make money off line using your online products and experience. I'm sure you can even think of more.

George Wright

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