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Are you ready to become successful?

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Posted 19th April 2012 at 09:34 PM by Gerald Arno

I think there are at least 5 things you cannot do if you want to succeed online. There are for sure more reasons, but here are a couple of them:

[B]1) Lack of a strong enough WHY.[/B] I know that some people don’t believe in goals and don’t set any, but those are usually the grinders. If your ego stands above you, you will never be able to take control of your own online marketing success.

If you don’t have a goal, then you better set one right now. If you believe that you are only in business because of the money, you are. But if you chase money, you will never get money. Your focus should never be on earning money, but on contributing value to tasks that will lead towards making money.

[B]2) Believing that you become successful overnight.[/B] Success is something that demands insane focus and obsessive work ethic. Most people expect results with very little till no effort. But that’s the same thing as asking for something without being willing to take it!

You need to understand that success is perception and an objective. Aim to think about success as something that makes your life better. For a lot people success is money, but it should be more than that.

[B]3) Lack of creativity.[/B] Being creative is not a choice but a must. You can’t really outsource your creativity to other people. What you can do however, is get highly valuable advice from people that leads to the enrichment of your creativity.

People are saying all the time: “I’m just not a creative person, why am I not more creative”? Being creative is absolutely essential to success. If you have your own business, you need to be creative.

[B]4) Lack of people skills.[/B] Even in the online world which is consistently changing, you need to learn how to communicate and connect with people. People find it easier to work by themselves than to work in a team. That’s especially true when it comes to teaching someone.

The only way you can really create leverage is if you learn how to communicate, connect, benefit, learn, and teach people. Leverage is all based on mutual effort, not on your effort.

[B]5) Giving up too early.[/B] That’s something that everyone experiences or has experienced. If you are working on achieving your goal, there is no such thing as failure, only learning.

The reasons why you might be giving yup too early are:
• Unrealistic expectations
• Lack of self esteem
• Lack of skills
• Inability to deal with stress
• Lack of money
• Lack of resources
• Lack of planning

I hope this thread was helpful and that you can improve your mindset!
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