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Automation and Why it Is Great for The Internet Marketer like You

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Posted 12th October 2011 at 01:50 PM by gregoryburrus

I ran across this thread on the forum here where the discussion is whether to use an automated tool or not. It is representative of what you see all over the internet so rather then take over someone else s thread here is my thought, rant, advice, on automated tools.

Here is my very strong 2 cents on why automation is good not bad.

Anybody can do anything manually so not sure why folks keep saying do it manual, like it is some earth shattering news. And of course you get good success because you are doing it manually. Anybody can do that, just outsource and pay forever or spend a ton of time.

The objective of the tools is to increase your efficiency and the automated tools do just that and here is why.

Funny when it comes to automation folks for some reason look at failures rates. The objective is to use the automated tool in an ethical and efficient manner,
Then the objective is to look at your success rate not your failure rate.

So if you get 100 percent failure then return the tool . However, if you get anything more then what you as a solo business owner can do yourself, you are now being very efficient and productive,.

So if it takes you ten minutes after setup to do something and you get some half way decent links for few minutes work. That is success. So why complain? You get the backlnks by pushing a button each day and boom you are done.

Now here is the kicker, unless you are a competing vendor - whom we know always bad mouth the other guys solution, but for the solo IMer which a lot of us are - think about this.

For some reason people act like the software MAKES you use all the spanmmy directories For some reason people act like gee the system submits to 1000 directories, so I must get 100 percent positive submission. .
For some reason people go oh boo hoo, I only got like 250 backlinks, instead of the 1000+ plus that are in the automated system.

We completely ignore the fact we got 250 successful backlinks of which 30 percent get dumped. But we still got a lot of backlinks for very little effort.

No one forces you to use everything in the software.

If it does tell me the name of the tool or vendor that does force you to use it all. I mean like hello. If you think I am joking, go read the comments form people, you would think some one is sitting there saying, you pay x and the system has x number of directories and oh gee I only got 30 percent of the total to be a success. Then they talk about the automated tool and the vendor like its a human. You hear oh yeah the tool doesn't work and Google is sitting there watching me so the tool and I are a failure. Gee I bought poison by mistake so I better keep taking it.

Wake UP People. The Automated Tool exactly exactly as you tell it.

The Solution is Get Smart.

You can get great success by being wise and smart in your usage of the automated tool.

1. If you set it up correctly with the high page rank directories in a project and submit at a slow pace daily or weekly then it works just like a human except you get it done on autopilot while you do something else.
2. Setup up another project to submit to the mid level directories and get some good medium page rank directory backlinks which we all need also.
3. Then setup another project and with another email and and blast everything and get good bad, evil, failure and sometimes great backlinks.

You will get backlinks in all cases some good , some bad and some in between. Hmm just like a human but much more efficient Why focus on just the failures, who cares.

Think about it you pay 97 bucks for tool to get you backlinks year after year on autopilot by pushing a few buttons. For less then a 50 cents a day you get backlinks. Why go manual? Why not do both?
Final Comments on automated Submission Tools.

You only get spammy links because you the user of tool decided to submit to all the junky directories. No one is forcing you to sit and try to get 1000 directories to give you 1000 backlinks everyday.

It is not efficient and it is not natural and it doesn't work.

The solution is simple - take the time to set the automated tool up first as described above. Make it a really fast human. Make it seem really human and then use the automation to get the links. This is the key.

Stop, get efficient and use the tool wisely and you will get fantastic results.

Let me know if you agree or disagree.
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