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Posted 1st April 2009 at 01:19 AM by Hackbridge

Have you ever wanted to learn the German Language? Well with this video I show you how you can be learning in no time.

You can even get free lessons.

YouTube - Do You Want To Learn German?

To your success

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    I have a passion for languages, and keep collecting language books, tapes, discs, mp3. Does your video use a special method, or is it just repetition? Just curious.
    Posted 1st April 2009 at 07:04 AM by indycine indycine is offline
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    Hackbridge's Avatar

    Thank you for your comment..

    The video I created at Xtranormal | Text-to-Movie and it had a selection for a german speaking person, so the technology allowed me to use german speech with a genuine inflection.

    The sales page for Rocket German has all of the information you need. I've posted it on Youtube, so that it has a link that I hope people will find and be able to learn the language.

    It says on the home page:

    Component #1:
    Learn to Speak Fluently with my 31 Interactive Audio Lessons

    The 31 tracks in the Rocket German Premium Interactive Audio Course are an average of 25 minutes in length, that's over 14 hours of audio lessons that you can listen to time and time again! They cover everything that you need to know to become part of the local German community... From introducing yourself to getting help in an emergency and a whole lot more in between... Germans just love it when tourists and travelers speak German to them.

    3 minute sample audio - Click to listen

    Not only do you get the 31 audio tracks, you also get the transcripts of the conversations so that you can use the scripts to keep up with the lessons! Learn to listen to, speak properly and understand spoken German. Our original, modern and unique methods allow you to absorb German as easily as children learn to speak their native language!

    Component #2:
    Find out how easy German is with my 31 Grammar Lessons

    Rocket German Premium also contains 31 illustrated grammar lessons (one for each track of the Interactive Audio Course) taking you on a journey from beginner to advanced in your German speaking. The grammar lessons include over 300 pages of grammar and 624 exercises and activities...
    ...And it doesn't matter what level you are currently at (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), Rocket German Premium is packed full of quality step-by-step resources to rapidly advance your learning no matter what your level..

    Listen to what Kelly Scali, Chicago USA,
    has to say about Rocket German Premium!

    Click the button
    to start. For Kelly's full text click here
    Component #3:
    Remember tons of words with my fun MegaVocab Software Game

    Learn Piles of German Words with "MegaVocab", the Word Building Game!
    Leave the school books behind and improve the amount of German words you know with this easy-to-use word recall game! MegaVocab has over 2,000 words and over 20 topics...
    Another feature of MegaVocab is the MegaVocab Creator, which lets you add your own extra words and pictures. You can add 100's of words and pictures with ease...

    Component #4:
    Understand spoken German easily with my MegaAudio Software Game

    Recognize The Sound of Tons of German Words with "MegaAudio"...
    One of the hardest things about learning a language is being able to understand the spoken word. It's all well and good getting the theory sorted out but if you can't understand what a German person is saying then what good is it to you? Not much!
    With the Rocket German Premium MegaAudio game you can learn to recognize over 1,000 words in a short space of time. Before long you will be listening to your DVDs in German and understanding the entire dialogue...
    Component #5:
    Learning Verbs is easy with my MegaVerbs Software Game

    Blow Your Classmates away with MegaVerbs...
    MegaVerbs has been specifically designed for students and people with an intermediate to advanced level of German so that they can get to grips with the questions that are always asked in tests and exams. If you are a beginner then by the time you complete the Rocket German Premium Interactive Audio Course, Lessons, MegaVocab and MegaAudio... MegaVerbs will be the icing on the cake...
    While verbs and how they change can be difficult to learn, Rocket German Premium makes it easy with our latest addition to the MegaGerman games, MegaVerbs...
    Component #6:
    Have your own German teacher, virtually "on call" 24 hours a day!

    I will be with you every step of the way. If you have any questions, you can either email me personally or post a message on our Members Only "Learn German" Forum, where our team of German teachers, natives and fellow enthusiasts will answer your every query. You will get unlimited and full access to our Learn German Forum - imagine having a German teacher, virtually "on call" 24 hours a day!...
    I know that even though Rocket German Premium has been proven to work exceptionally well, in fact far better than traditional language programs, and even though I offer unlimited personal support, you may still be wondering...
    "What if it doesn't work for me?"
    Well that's why I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee...
    That's straight off the home page for Rocket German, so I hope that helps some?

    Thanks again.


    Originally Posted by indycine View Comment
    I have a passion for languages, and keep collecting language books, tapes, discs, mp3. Does your video use a special method, or is it just repetition? Just curious.
    Posted 2nd April 2009 at 03:59 PM by Hackbridge Hackbridge is offline

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