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The ONLY Working Method to Make Money...

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Posted 10th September 2011 at 12:07 PM by internetcrusaders

I came to online marketing just like you. I did not have hundreds of dollars to invest. What all I had was just interest and mere amount of money in hands.
I was taken for a ride by fancy sales letters of the so-called gurus. I read and followed each and every word of the guides and e-books, but could not make any money. Then I realized that these so-called Gurus sold outdated methods which were making them money earlier. And once the methods are outdated they come to sell those methods as Guides or e-Books.

I was trying to make money online and have been searching for a method to make money. Finally I chose one method. Autopilot Blogs (Please note that the Autopilot Blogs and Autoblogs(usually referred as Splogs) are entirely different). This was, is and will be the only safe, steady and life time passive income method. You might have come across people saying that AutoBlogs do not work anymore. That is wrong! Autopilot Blogs (and even most of the AutoBlogs) are still bringing in money and will ever bring in money.

Just imagine. Having a domain name registered yesterday and making 100′s of posts today.. will this kill an Autoblog? The so-called gurus will say “YES, Google will deindex such blogs”. That is wrong. Blogs are maintained even by Corporates and Large Institutions with all resources to make even thousands of posts every hour and Google will not deindex them for thousands of posts. Google’s concern is good content, but not the number of posts.

And the second think that they talk about is Backlinks. Some Gurus claim that creating hundreds of backlinks will hurt your Page Rank as it will look unnatural. If that is true, anyone can blast hundreds or even thousands of backlinks to any competing sites and have their Page Ranks reduced or deindexed.

So I came to a conclusion that Autopilot Blogs are still bringing in money and I want to venture into this. I started buying chosen guides and courses on Autopilot Blogs written by experts in Auto blogging. I was taking notes and compiling information. I was making sure that I do not include any outdated methods or information.

Then I started building my first Autopilot blog and it was a great success. Eventually I created about 30+ Autoblogs and they are bringing in steady passive income to me. I tested and tried several methods and I kept only the working methods. Then I thought of writing a course about Autopilot blogging. But I was wondering how many buyers of the guide will try the methods and become successful. And I am sure that the buyers will not implement more than 10 required methods to make the blog successful. Hence I took a decision to sell the Established Autopilot Blogs instead of just selling the information.

To get started, you may buy a working, established Autoblog at
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