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How To Create & Launch an Info-Product In Under 5 Days

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Posted 21st June 2010 at 07:00 AM by James B. Allen

If I Can Do This YOU Can Too…

This week, I created and launched a brand new info-product online – my “7 Secrets Seminar“. (WSO LINK)

It took less than 5 days from concept to having it up and selling online.
That’s one more project from the incubator that will make me passive income for months to come – not bad for 5 days of “work”.

For those of you interested in creating passive income streams online by sharing their knowledge, here’s how I did it.

Step 1 – Pick A Topic You & Others Are Interested In

I’m online all the time and have to find, test & tweak the latest methods for generating rankings, traffic and sales to my own niche websites. I know others need this information, so chances are my finds are a good topic for an info-product.
What topic are you interested in, passionate about or an expert on? Chances are, others will pay for that information.

Step 2 – Create Your Product

I made a list of the best online marketing tips & tricks I’ve been using lately. Then, I used Jing – which is a screen recorder – and filmed a series of videos showing these methods & how I use them.
With screen recording software, you end up with great training videos, since the end users feels like they are watching over your shoulder, right there listening to you as you show them how to implement your strategies.

I then saved the videos in MP4 format and uploaded them to my private Amazon S3 servers.

Next, I created a series of PDFs linking to the videos and including direct links to the resources discussed in the videos, so my clients can easily access and implement the information.

I put the PDFs in a folder, zipped the folder and uploaded it to a protected area on my server.
Instructional Videos, PDF ebooks and MP3 audio recordings are all in-demand formats for info-products you can sell online.

Step 3 – Write A Salesletter For Your Product

Why would anyone want to watch my video seminar? I sat down with this question in mind and then wrote a list of all the techniques I revealed in the videos and how those techniques would benefit the viewer. I used this information as the basis of my salesletter.
Creating an effective salesletter that converts readers into buyers is an art form that I’ve been studying and successfully implementing for year – and I’m still learning. That said, even a beginner can create a salesletter that converts by following a standardized format and a few basic rules. Here’s a great resource to help you start.

Step 4: Set Up Your eCommerce Site For Your Product

I use the “Rapid Action Profits Script” to quickly create a site to sell my product from.

After installing the script, I add my salesletter and graphics, my payment processor information, and upload my product. Takes just a few hours.

Now, visitors who decide to buy can just click to pay and the product is instantly delivered to them from the site. On top of that, it comes with a built in affiliate program, so other people can recommend my product and earn 50% of the sales.
Here’s my affiliate link to the Rapid Action Profits script.

Step 5: Run Ads To Drive Traffic To Your Offer

Since I’ve just launched, I began my promotions by running a discount offer for this in the WSO section of the Warrior Forum.

At the same time, I launched the main site to one of my small customer lists. I've already started making sales from both.

After I receive some feedback from these first customers and adjust my product accordingly, I’ll scale my advertising and contact my affiliates to promote.
Give away copies of your first product for free for feedback and testimonials. This is also a good way to get potential affiliates on board to help you promote. Then, find related forums for your products topic and see if you can run paid ads for your product there. Test with cheap small ads first & make sure your product converts profitably (turns visitors into sales) before spending more money on advertising.
As my latest product shows, this can all be done in under 5 days. Here’s the end result:

“Just Launched: New Video Seminar Reveals My Latest FREE & Low Cost Methods For Generating Content, Backlinks, Rankings & Traffic To Your Websites. These Work Now…”

James B. Allen
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