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Work Relaxation - Destructive Or Constructive?...

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Posted 21st September 2008 at 09:18 AM by JayXtreme

It is so difficult at times to get so sucked into your internet marketing efforts that it can almost seem like you are trying your very hardest and it all seems in vain.. not for want of trying but you just can’t seem to get things right even though you are putting ALL your best resources into your business.

Let me tell you that if you think you are putting ALL your minds resources into your business and trying your “hardest” then you could well be doing yourself more damage than you are helping yourself, sure you may be getting some things done.. but if you are putting in too much time and working yourself to exhaustion then you probably aren’t working at optimum levels for your business and your focus is going to slip regardless.

I did a post a while back about taking more time off from your business and this not only serves you in resting your mind and body, but refreshes your creative side for more intense action.. you see when you think you are giving it your all you are actually doing yourself a disservice by not taking breaks.

But I’m not only talking here about taking breaks… that would just be a duplicate post of the other one.. what I mean here is:

Work Relaxation

It is sooooooo easy to get sucked into “working hard” on your business when you really need to be working smart and most people work smarter when they feel relaxed and enjoy “the process”.

I love marketing, I honestly believe it is in my veins and I never had focus issues when I wasn’t making any money because each and every new part of the process brings learning and enjoyment. Relaxing or having a partially relaxed state of action during your “work” time can really bring positive results.. like those times when you stop looking for something and then find it one it’s too late.

This theory almost works exactly the same for me, I find if I spend a little time just hanging out on the forums, or shootin some pool in the office then I find that my creative juice’s flow much easier and I work much smarter… and that my friends is when I produce most for my business.
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