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A $1,000,000 Internet Marketing Tip

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Posted 3rd August 2016 at 08:22 PM by Jeff Baxter

To be honest, this post is probably a few years past due as it’s something that I normally have to talk with new clients about on a regular. What I’m getting ready to write about will change your outlook on everything IF you’ve fallen victim to this particular way of thinking like I believe so many in the industry have.

A few years back, I remember I had a guy that came to me and told me that he had an issue.

He told me that he was constantly putting out FREE Content and adding value to people’s lives BUT he wasn’t making any money. He had been told to focus more on “giving” as that’s how he was going to receive.

He was told to focus on building relationships because people buy from those that they know, like and trust.

Seems all fine and dandy right?

Well, why wasn’t this guy making any money?! In my opinion, one thing he wasn’t told to do was to STRATEGICALLY give away free stuff and build relationships. He was just giving away the farm without any real strategy in place to have people handing him money.

I believe that this particular post is going to hit home with a lot of online entrepreneurs because as I stated in the beginning, this is something that I talk with people about on a regular who are either struggling in their online business or who are just looking to get started.

You don’t want to be one of those marketers whose popular and struggling so please listen up..

Rule #1 Understand That It’s Ok To Sell

A lot of internet marketers get trapped into a way of thinking that pretty much cripples them for life or until they stumble upon posts like this of course 😉 Many think that “selling” is a bad thing and it’s how you lose relationships. Some people even think that nobody will buy their products........CONTINUE READING
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