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My journey to finding the Warrior Forum, and the current state of affairs.
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Does Where You Live Affect Your Making Money?

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Posted 14th January 2011 at 08:44 AM by Jill Carpenter

Happy New Year!

Does where you live affect how you are able to make money online? I know it does for me.

I've spent the past few years a bit unsettled as my other half has a job which has us moving quite a bit. For some this may sound glamorous, but when you're a gal with a love for crafty projects and lots of computers, printers, and camera stuff it can be a bit cumbersome to break down and have to set up all over again.

On top of it, I also like to get involved in offline marketing projects - so making new friends quickly is a challenge as well.

Right now I'm taking the first 3 months of this year to go through some stuff that has been in storage for well over 2 years and see if I can complete some of those little projects that sit half finished in boxes. I am getting somewhat random access to this storage at the moment and I'm limited to just bringing in small parcels of it at a time.

My present situation has me confined to very high hills and while an extra car would be a nice thing, I wouldn't drive it at the moment. Not until spring as the roads here are covered in snow which I'm unable to drive on personally.

So, what does a gal do who is held hostage in the wooded hills do?

She starts a Wednesday night live marketing chat.

I'll be sharing some of my progress during the show as well as helping others with their issues.

I do find visuals help to really explain a situation - so here was the video I put out this last week to show where I'm really at.

YouTube - Welcome To Talk Marketing Now!

Not the typical "I am guru and here is my fancy car" lol.

I wasn't expecting to do this show - but I'm looking forward now to sharing my progress to show how much can get accomplished - even by someone on the move a lot.

One of the first projects to get done by the end of this month involves some public domain and partly a physical product that I create. Currently I don't have daily access to the post office, but what I have discovered in the past is you can get a package weighed and if it is small enough you can add your own stamps and put it in your mail box where the post master will pick up for you. It then just boils down to having all your wrapping supplies and postage handy for when the orders come in.

This first product is not a get rich quick, but more of a partial custom order thing. My goal is to have materials used up by the end of this year. This will make my load quite a bit lighter for moving in the future.

Anyway, come on by Wednesday nights at 7pm and I'll be happy to share what is happening. If you feel your present location is keeping you from making money do let me know and lets see if I can change your thoughts on that matter.
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