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Best Process For Attracting GREAT Affiliates

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Posted 20th September 2014 at 02:08 PM by Joan Altz

Most Internet Marketers go about recruiting affiliates the wrong way. First I'll briefly discuss the way most are trying to do it, and then I'll discuss how they should really be doing it.

How Most Do It:

1. They do nothing. Not because they are lazy or don't want affiliates (that's another topic), but because they build a product and then think the same thing as people do who start a website. Namely, "Build it and they'll come".

And some affiliates will come, sure, but usually the kind that make little effort to promote a product or who don't have much experience.

2. They beg. Nothing more pitiful (or annoying) than a begging seller. It's unprofessional and screams "I'm a desperate newbie" loud and clear.

3. They create a contest, offer to give away 100% off the front and 50% or more off the back (if they have one). Contests work for "trusted" sellers with a track record. Giving away 100% commissions is a matter of opinion, and in my opinion it's foolish.

How You Should Do It:

Here's a much better, but longer, way to recruit affiliates who'll make you some serious bank if you are a new product creator:

Stage One: This consists of two major steps that should be done at the same time;

1. Make sales - promote your own product and keep stats that you can show later. What you want to do is tweak your sales process so that your product converts with a high EPC (earnings per click) at each part of the funnel, and with a low refund rate.

(Create your frontend product and at least one upsell (preferably two) and one downsell)

If you can't make any sales at all on your own with free or paid traffic, then your offer sucks, or you suck.

Learn some traffic driving skills, keep chugging along, tweak your copy, test different sales pages, test different offers - front and back - test, test, test, and tweak, tweak, tweak, until you start making some sales and can prove that you have a pretty decent offer for major affiliates to promote.

2. Promote Sellers' Products. At the same time you're making sales on your own, start promoting the products of the sellers who you would like to have as affiliates. Make some sales for those sellers as their affiliate.

With the stage above, we're talking about a solid 3-6 months, maybe less if you can make enough sales for both your own product and as an affiliate for other sellers' products.

Stage Two: Now you have some clout. You've got stats that show your offer converts to sales, hopefully a decent EPC on that, and you've made sales as an affiliate during this time for some top sellers who you'd like to have return the favor.

Two things top sellers with big lists care about (usually, unless they are just dickheads):

1. How much money will they make.
2. How will their reputation be affected.

You've got #1 down already, because you have a good funnel set up (front, upsells, downsells) and each offer makes sales.

So now you need to contact those sellers by pm, email, Skype, FB, or whatever, and say something like:

"Hey, this is Joan Altz. I'm your affiliate and have made some sales promoting your product over the past several months.

I just want to introduce myself and touch bases with you.

I've got a product myself that is doing pretty good. It's called "yada yada" and has an EPC of "yada". I provide really good support and so my refund rate is only about "yada percent".

Based on the sales I've made for you with the type of people who are buying from my promotions, I'm thinking this might be a good product for your buyers as well.

If you'd be open to doing something with me, I'd be more than glad to send you a copy of each product in the funnel and I'll send you a screenshot of my sales stats to boot.

Thanks and I look forward to promoting more of your great products!"

Something like that. You can also split it up into two or three correspondences, just moving into it smoothly.

Not everyone you promote as an affiliate will reciprocate. Also, some sellers are really busy and don't always check their messages frequently. This is why you'll need to patient, but hey - this isn't a product launch. You shouldn't even think about a product launch when you're a newbie.

First build some status, some clout, some connections.

And here is the great thing about this:

If you do things this way, and you land one - yes, just one - big seller as an affiliate, others will follow.

Then when you have that one big seller aboard, you can message other big sellers and toss that name into your messages as someone who is promoting your stuff. If the others recognize the name, they'll look at you as less of a risk and be more likely promote your stuff also.

That's it. Go forth and prosper.
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