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Directing web traffic

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Posted 13th August 2009 at 01:52 AM by joshkd

If you go to Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search methods, type in a phrase, you will see a list of websites and a count of how many sites include that phrase. Now if you are a celebrity and trying to stay popular, the more websites, the better. But who wants to weed through all those websites to find what you are looking for?

But here is the other problem: what if you are not the website on the first page? How will you get people to look at your site?

Those are the two questions you need to answer to direct traffic to your website. Driving web traffic is key to making your website popular. And, whether you are trying to sell products or get people to listen to your point of view, website popularity is vital.

One of the keys to driving traffic is what I would call popular uniqueness. Think of someone who you know who stands out, whether it’s a famous person or someone that you see at school or work. Popular people attract attention. But how do you get their attention? Not easy. And what about unique? Think about a person that people call unique. It could be a compliment. At the same time, the same person could freak people out. If you can hang with the popular crowd and still stand out, you have got something.

Fortunately, popular uniqueness on the web can work. It is all about the “keywords.” These words show you what is both popular and unique. Lets take a popular category: “movies.” Type that into Google and you will get billions of hits. But then you can start adding words to make the refine your search. Add Clint Eastwood. Add Spaghetti Westerns. As you add more words, your search is refined. Using this concept, you can drive traffic to your site. Take a topic you know and refine it in the same manner.

The key to directing traffic is pick a topic an issue with a wide audience (popular) and combine that with unique search phrases. But don’t count on phrases, words are better. Phrases may send traffic to too many websites. “Long tailed” words are words that will reduce the numbers of hit from a search. This will direct more traffic to your site or your article.

How to do this? Simple. Go to a search engine. Type in a word that is relevant to your topic. Million hits? Try another one. Seven hundred hits. That’s more like it. If its relevant, include it in your text, your titles and subtitles, even your images.

The other method of directing traffic is using your network. Are you on FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn? Twitter. Where appropriate, let people know about your website or your articles. Now, be careful, many people do not like to be sold things every time they reach out to a friend. At the same time, you may want to use these sites to direct people to an article or site that is a bit lower key and as they view your site, they may become interested in you products.

Make sure that you submit your site to the search engines. Every search engine has a method to do that. And put your site on As long as you follow their rules, they will put it on their list.

These methods will help create web traffic. One day, you are a mild mannered person with a great idea. The next day, you can be an internet star!
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    This was an interesting read, but seemed like nothing more than a broad overview. Is there a service that you have used to drive your keywords?
    Posted 7th November 2009 at 03:20 PM by diverdown diverdown is offline

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