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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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Posted 30th September 2008 at 07:17 PM by Lambert Klein

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy could be the answer to your prayers, especially when nothing else has worked for you. Many have seen fantastic results from this procedure.

We will be discussion the process, benefits and treatments of Hyperbarics and what it can do for you or a loved one.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)? Well, HBOT is the principle of using 100% oxygen under pressure inside a chamber. The patient lies down on a cot that is rolled into the clear chamber. The patient can easily see outside and there is a monitor inside so that TV or a movie can be watch during the process. A handset makes it easy to communicate with the technician.

The process consists of increasing pressure, which is called descending, then maintains that pressure for around 60 minutes, then releasing the pressure, which is ascending. Think of this as a scuba diver descending into the sea slowing then ascending slowly so that they don’t get the bends.

The only discomfort usually is the pressure in the ears like in a plane or ascending up high in the mountains.

Inside the chamber the pressurized oxygen is infused into the patient to start the healing process. The body tissues will absorb oxygen much more readily in this environment. This can reduce inflammation and begin the healing process.

It’s believed that this process will stimulate new blood vessel growth and even stem cells after forty treatments. Each treatment usually will last around one hour.

The increased oxygen nourishes the cells. New capillaries are grown that will help the flow of blood and life giving oxygen to damaged areas, thus helping you to heal yourself.

Many people that have been treated have been eager to share their stories and spread the word about Hyperbarics.

HBOT has helped many conditions such as, strokes, injuries, carbon monoxide poisoning, cerebral palsy, birth traumas and more.

Several people have seen positive results with HBOT and it seems to be permanent after 40 treatments.

Hyperbarics is approved by the FDA for some treatments such as carbon dioxide poisoning and gas embolism, but is considered experimental for many others.

If you have been searching for a miracle then take a closer look at HBOT today.

If you live in Michigan then check out Oxford HBOT in South Lyons. They are very caring. All the patients there are kind and appreciative of the results that Tami and Bruce have provided for them.
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  1. New Comment
    interesting... i have been looking into hbot for treatment of chronic fatigue and hypoglycemia. However it is so expensive am opting for excercise with oxygent therapy which suposedly has some similar results. it instead uses excercise while breating through pure oxygent to increase your heart rate and thus your internal blood pressure which will have some of the similar effects. You can get a used oxygen concentrator for about 200 to 400 bucks which is the cost of 2 HBOT sessions.
    Posted 30th September 2008 at 09:15 PM by is offline
  2. New Comment
    Lambert Klein's Avatar
    Yes hbot is expensive. In our location it's over $5000 for 40 treatments.
    Posted 1st October 2008 at 05:39 AM by Lambert Klein Lambert Klein is offline
  3. New Comment
    I am a registerd nurse and had to stop being a hyperbaric nurse becasue at 47 I was getting side effect from"going down" so I was wondering in the last ten years if they have researched if oler persons should not go for many treatments
    Posted 2nd January 2009 at 09:41 PM by deedii deedii is offline
  4. New Comment
    sorry I have dyslexis and miss words older persons
    Posted 2nd January 2009 at 09:42 PM by deedii deedii is offline
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    Lambert Klein's Avatar
    Where my wife went for treatment the nurse or technician didn't have to go inside. They observed from the outside. The patient was in a clear cylinder.

    My wife did have ear popping and an annoying pulse in her head which finally went away.

    She thought the benefit was worth it though.

    Posted 3rd January 2009 at 05:54 AM by Lambert Klein Lambert Klein is offline

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