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With this SINGLE Strategy using a FREE Traffic Method you will start to make Money in ONLY 2Hours

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Posted 22nd April 2014 at 12:21 AM by lionelfrench


I have tons of website owners keep asking me the same questions: How do you get the Best, Simple, LOW COST, QUICK TARGETED, HIGHLY CONVERTING TRAFFIC???

The type of GOLD DUST TRAFFIC that can convert within just hours to make you money RIGHT AWAY!

In this article, I am going to reveal to you a 100% Free method that will make you some CASH in ONLY 2 Hours.

Yes, I am serious!!!

When you discover this Easy Strategy, you will be amazed how SIMPLE it is but don`t under estimate this as it is very POWERFUL and will put you ahead of 99% of "Marketers" out there so buckle up, Sit back, Grab a coffee, Coke, Beer or whatever your beverage of choice is and take note as I am now about to spill the beans

I will keep this Highly Converting Traffic Generation System short and to the point, I have no time for any Fluff and neither do you! So to make it even easier, I have explained in just 3 Easy Step by Step Instructions so you can start by implementing it TODAY!

Before starting remember


Are you ready?

Ok let`s start . . . . . .

Step 1:

The tool we are going to use is "Google Alert". With Google Alert, you request Google to alert you via your own Gmail for your Specific Keyword.

eg: Your choice is "Weight Loss" that means you will receive a message sent to your Gmail from Google Alert every time Weight Loss is stipulated through their google network.

I am sure you can see the GREAT
Potential and Marketing Power

you can produce by just using this Golden Information to generate High Quality Traffic to your Blog or Website. To use this service you need to have your own Gmail account to log in so your Step Number 1 will be to create your personal Gmail account to have access to Google Alert.

Step 2:

Once you have created your Gmail Account sign into then click create an alert and answer the 7 following questions:

1/ Enter your search query:
This option is of vital importance. You need to make sure to really pay attention as it will result in this Strategy succeeding or failing. You really need to think outside the box.
People usually are looking for information to solve their problem and if your product can solve their problem you need to ensure you inform them about it.

This is the fundamental of this strategy. I advice you to THINK DEEPLY of Search queries where a problem is exposed and your product totally resolved the issue. Here is an example so you can understand better.

eg: Let`s assume your product is about how to lose weight fast but it does target more specifically Women.
Search queries could be of course "lose weight fast" but by looking outside the box we can try "slim down wedding" and these keywords will match perfectly what our product delivers.

I hope you understand the reasoning behind it. It does take a little bit of Persistence and Testing but after a few tries I am very confident you will be on the RIGHT Track.

2/ Result Type:
There are a few options here. News/Blogs/Video/Discussions/Books. The default is everything. My recommendation is to select Discussions option as you can jump into conversation or questions related to your niche in all aspects, allowing you to give quality information along with sensibly promoting yourself and gaining authority.

3/ Language:
If your search query is in English then select English if not choose the language you are using for your keyword.

4/ Region:
If you are selling a Digital Product your market is Worldwide so choose "Any Region" otherwise specify your region.

5/ How often:
I suggest you choose the option "Once a Day" instead of options "As it happens" as this can be too overwhelming to have Google Alerts all day long or option "Once a week" can be too later updates and you may miss out on vital leads.

6/ How many:
Select option "Only the best results" for more exact traffic leads. Google filters your results using the best relevance to the topic with this option.

7/ Deliver to:
Enter a valid Gmail address which Google will use to directly send your alerts.

Then complete the process by clicking on the Red create alert button.
Now you will receive an email from Google Alerts asking you to confirm or cancel this request.
Simply Press Confirm and WELL DONE you have successfully completed the set up to receive your First Google Alerts.
You can repeat the process with many different good targeted keywords using the same principle in order to generate even more Highly Converting Traffi

Step 3:

As you can probably understand by now, your Daily Task is jumping into conversation or questions from people who are facing a problem and your product will perfectly answer their issue.
Of course there is a way of correctly doing this. You are not going to tell them "HEY Guys buy my Product!" This would not be a good way to present yourself!!!! Firstly you are going to give them some advice to build a relationship and trust factor with them, afterwards you can suggest the product you promote by telling them, for example you have been using a product(your product) and it gave you GREAT Results.
I strongly advice you to choose a topic that you know well and you do truly believe in! In order to be more PERSUASIVE and to inform people better, REMEMBER your Goal is to become an authority here.

Guys this REALLY is so POWERFUL that if you are implementing the above 3 steps TODAY you will FREELY get targeted traffic directly sent to your sales funnels, your blog and squeeze pages in no time.

By now YOU should know that without consistent targeted traffic being sent to your sales funnel, your blog, squeeze pages . . . .

. . . . Your business will either come to a complete STOP!

OR . . .

It will never even get off the ground.


But on another Level!

It`s FREE, HIGHLY CONVERTING, and an EASY to create Targeted Traffic Method.

I really hope this information has been of Great help to you!

Lionel Hugues

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