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Top Online Business

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Posted 7th May 2012 at 02:10 PM by MartinBarca

Top Online Business

I’m pretty pumped right now as I’ve been implementing the lessons I’ve learned in the Empower Network training products and am getting videos ranked on Youtube like crazy.
Top Online Business

Here’s and example. If you type in ‘Top Online Business’ into Youtube. You’ll see there are about 50,000 results for that key word phrase. I got on that first page within 10 minutes of publishing the video below.
The really cool thing is that if you look at the the number of views other videos have had on that page you’ll see that it ranges from a few thousand to a lot of thousands. Ok some of those videos have been there 6 months, some have been there a couple of years but I plan on being around making videos and getting them ranked for quite some time.
I’ll create an army of videos doing the selling for me and directing people to my sales pages and you can do exactly the same to. Email me directly for specific guidance and you too can be on Youtube’s top 10 results for really cool key words in minutes.
Imagine having an army of videos out there, lets just say one a day for a year, that’s 365 video soldiers working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for years to come, all getting thousands of views! Wow!! thats pretty awesome.
Lets say each of those videos gets viewed 10,000 times over a 2 year period… That’s 3,650,000 views. And in the case of the video above, by people who have searched for “Top Online Business” Now that doesn’t suck!
If you’re not a member of Empower Network JOIN HERE
I’ll personally teach you how you can do the same as me in creating a video army that will rank on the first page of Youtube in minutes for cool key words like Top Online Business.
If you have specific questions about wanting to know more about how I do it then email me at
I want you to consider the power of this once again. Whatever business you are involved in, whether it be online, offline, conventional bricks and mortar or whatever, creating an army of videos selling your product or service being viewed by people specifically looking for what you are offering in the millions is surely going to increase your bottom line, right?
This is not difficult and I can teach you exactly how.
If you’re not in GET IN
Millions of people who are looking for your stuff viewing your products and services for free, not marketing costs… how cool is that?
No wonder people are calling this, and quite rightly so the Top Online Business of 2012 and beyond..


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Top Online Business
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