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You've just inherited of a free GDPR compliance tool, in case you didn't know.

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Posted 28th June 2018 at 07:18 PM by NetMan

Andy here, I hope you are doing well. I know it's been a while I wrote but I've been revamping many things and got focused on some other things.

Marketing technology is getting very cool but more complicated to implement by the day. My main new goal is to have you take full advantage and profit from it all, while making it much simpler for you to use.

And, now, yes, on our topic, did you know that if you have a website built and running on WordPress, the coders at Automattic, the WordPress makers, have added a few native tools to make it easier for anyone to be a minimum GDPR compliant when you start to use the platform.

Mainly, the tools allow you to, "not miss" to create and publish a Privacy Policy, export personal data, and erase personal data. The first one is a must, it's even a good marketing tool to show potential clients that you care about their privacy. The later two are used to respond to requests you may receive from EU users of your website.

I know, I know, "Andy, what are you talking about"? hehe... Read on...

We've all heard about GDPR ad nauseam already from some hard selling dudes, and many companies updates to their Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. But it's now time to get back to calm, and finally face it.

Have you done anything yet about this GDPR ruling? Because no one can ignore this ruling, whether you are a EU citizen or not. I'll let you know a little more truth in a few days, but, I predict, listen, I predict that this ruling will expand to the whole world very quickly. Probably, Faster than you might think.

After all, it's a matter of protecting YOUR privacy and your DATA, for starting! So, such ruling cannot be that bad, and should be taken seriously by everyone.

Meanwhile, I tend to attempt to KISS it for you! Yes, I made it so you, and about anyone, can Keep It Simple and Stupid to implement GDPR, and in most cases in just a few minutes.

To better understand how I've made it so simple for you now, continue your reading by going here, you will also see a few animated shots of the new WordPress native tools added to your website.

I've made very simple, see how here, but for some reasons you may want to have it done for you, and as you will see, that could be a possibility just for the asking. Or, maybe after you see how simple it can be with my solution, you'll start to do it right now...

Talk to you later,

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