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How Spotify Earns Money and Helps to Earn Money

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Posted 7th August 2012 at 08:46 AM by nitesh

Online businesses competing in the entertainment industry are daily searching some new and unique ways to entertain the users and Spotify is the result of such research. Spotify is a unique music software tool developed specifically for the music lovers. The music lovers can use this software tool without paying anything to the developers.

The payment part comes only after the users have tried the features of the software and get satisfied from the trial version. The payment part is necessary to unlock the full, unrestricted and licensed version of the software. However if it is ok for you to use the software with the advertisements popping out in the middle then you can save money and continue using the software without payment. Remember you cannot skip the advertisements if the software version you are using is the free and restricted one. You have an opportunity to use the unrestricted version by paying a small amount and this amount is as less as £10 a month.

How the advertisements are displayed in the middle of the software?
Spotify uses two ways to display the advertisements. The first way of displaying advertisement is showing the advertisement in the sidebar. These are actually low paying advertisements. Another way that the Spotify uses to display advertisements is to show the advertisements in the full screen while you are operating the software.

How do the Spotify developers make money from their unique software tool?
Spotify makes money in two ways. Spotify earns money from the paid users who pay £10 a month to use the unrestricted version of this great music tool. Spotify earns money from the advertisements that are displayed during the use of the free version of the software. The first types of advertisements are those that are displayed in the sidebar and the second type of advertisements are those that run full screen while the user is operating the software. While the full screen advertisements run, you cannot play music in between. Spotify does not allow a way to skip these advertisements. It means if you are using the free version of the music tool then you will have to see these advertisements.

The service and tool of Spotify is becoming popular but still they have not reached to every music lover and so their primary goal is growth and not money. Although Spotify does not force its users to pay money for using the software but it generates money from every copy of its software whether it is paid or unpaid. If the software version is paid then the payment comes from the users and if it is unpaid then the payment comes from the advertisers. This is how efficiently Spotify uses its system to generate money and grow in popularity.

How the Spotify helps the musicians to earn money?
Spotify offers the unique way of earning both online and offline money for the musicians. Musicians who need to play something unique in their evening program and are not getting a good theme can start Spotify on their PC or notebook to get some hints on something new. This is how Spotify helps the musicians to earn money offline. The musicians who have produced something but cannot find a way to sell their creativity could take help of Spotify and sell their creativity globally. Spotify pays these musicians a good amount so this is how this great service helps the musicians to earn money online.

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