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One more trick to fight procrastination

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Posted 30th July 2010 at 08:14 PM by phmoisan

Hi everyone,

I used to be a master procrastinator. Now i find myself procrastinating less and less.

One neat trick I just discovered by myself today : when there's a task awaiting, and it's kind of urgent, or my wife just asks me to do a chore, and I don't want to, I use a simple timer.

I program the timer to beep after 5 minutes.

Since I want to postpone the task until later, the 5-minute delay helps me to "accept" that the task must be done. The beep then is the GO signal.

I've used that trick twice today.

The first time, I had put water on the stove to boil. I then came back to my computer in the basement. I was alone in the house, so I couldn't ask anyone else to deal with situation. So, I programmed the little timer beside my computer, and forgot the whole thing. 5 minutes later, it beeped, and I went in the kitchen and did what I had to do.

The 2nd time, later that night, my wife asked a simple task that would take 5 minutes, and she put pressure cause she it was important to her that it get done fast. Again, the timer, 5 minutes, it beeped. That time, I stayed on the computer 2 more minutes, because the task was less time-sensitive. But it got done 7 minutes after learning of it.

I hope that trick can be of help to you.

Have a great day !!!

Philippe Moisan
Marketing on the Internet
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