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Backlink building Tips

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Posted 20th December 2011 at 07:14 AM by rahman.warrior

When you look at how the online works, one thing turns into clear, no issue what angle you look at it - links are the simple connections, the primary connection that forms and possibly directs the internet. While there has been a lot of hype about link making being devalued by SE like Yahoo and google; that is not specifically the case.

What is basically happening is the fact that links that shouldn't count are being devalued and more emphasis has been placed on those that count, respected links. So how does SE figure out trusted and untrusted links? One way is through confirmation - they use user details, the age of the website as well as other hard-to-spoof elements. So seriously, links are still the key to ratings and there does not seem to be any change in the foreseeable future.

Since good, unique articles is what keeps site visitors coming back, you need to have that - there are no techniques to good, reliable links. At the same time, link building is not explode science. One of the best ways to have people link to your articles is to create tips content.

For example, you can have articles like "10 Lost Fat". Now that is very attractive to link to isn't it? Or how about something like this: "10 myths about Halloween." Sometimes, flattery is the easiest way to develop a good relationship, especially from authority figures: "10 gurus you should listen to when it comes to project management." If I was listed as one of the gurus, I would definitely link back to you and share that link with others.

Of course, you want to share that link with the gurus to get them to notice you in the first place.

Link building can also be done from the inside out. You can try to develop authority by having content that is easy to understand and that has clear privacy policies. When you have good content that is clear of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, even librarians will link to your site and eventually, with persistence, you may be an authority figure.

Social bookmarking also seems to work for some. Sites like allow people to tag related sites and when people find these tags, they may follow the trail back and may eventually land on your site. Other similar sites are Digg that can expose you to other bloggers who may link to you. Don't forget also the power of social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The more links you place on these sites, the higher the chances they will be seen and lead people back to you site
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