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A digital marketer is a master of giving away money

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Posted 7th October 2020 at 09:40 AM by Rendition

What is a digital marketer? Is it someone who runs a profitable ad campaign? Is it someone who can put up a website? Is it someone who can place meta tags and grow back links? Perhaps a digital marketer is someone who does SEO, PPC, CRM, ROAS, SMM, B2C, B2B, and any number of acronyms. Or perhaps a digital marketer has experience with API's, RSS feeds, iFrames, and SMS integrations. Or maybe they know PHP, Ruby, HTML, Solidity, and a variety of other development frameworks.

Maybe they know all of these things. But this does not make them a digital marketer. To know all of these things is to be intelligent, experienced, knowledgeable, proficient, profitable.
But not a true digital marketer.

A true digital marketer does one thing, and one thing exclusively.
A true digital marketer delivers profits.

I see all sorts of advertisements for various marketing agencies. They are all focusing on the wrong things. They throw all sorts of acronyms at the viewer, after all, it makes them sound smart. They say they will drive your ROAS, give you ROI, and provide optimal conversion rates. Basically, they speak Latin to the viewer.

The good digital marketers advertise one thing, and one thing only. Profits.
Sure, I will show you your ROAS. I will show you your conversion rates. I will show you your average ranking. I will show you your call allocation from any number of sources. But all of these things are icing on the cake. The cake is profits. As a digital marketer, my focus is providing you with information which will scale your profits. If I manage your PPC accounts, it does not mean I will not recommend you make some youtube videos and grow your organic traffic, or do basic things on your own which will improve your SEO.

Too many individuals think they have to have tunnel vision. You have to define yourself within narrow parameters, and do the same for your services. For many people, this is true. But for a true digital marketer, you have to be adaptable. You have to define your self in a multitude of ways, but with a single goal. I have clients who I will recommend all sorts of things to, and many of those things do not pay me directly. The things I recommend do not have to pay me directly. The things I recommend have to deliver more profits to the client, and pay me indirectly.
If you can get traffic for free, it pays me indirectly because your profits, and therefore your satisfaction, grows.

A digital marketer is a person who attracts money naturally.
A person who compliments a business, and helps them make more money, is a true digital marketer.

That's it. Its not anything you've been told. Its not social media, its not content marketing, its not SEO. It's not PPC, lead gen, and cold calls. It's money.
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