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So where are the winners?

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Posted 9th October 2008 at 05:21 AM by RhondaM

Unless you have been living in a bubble, you will have heard about the recession. I have had this drummed into me so often recently that at times it is easier for me to remember the word recession that it is my own name!

Millions of people are being affected and have have been labelled as the 'losers' of this period of time. But where there are losers, there are winners. This is not something that we hear much about in the media - why? - because bad news sells, bad news gets audiences and bad news gets people's attention. But let's put aside the bad news for a moment and look at the reality of things.

Yes there will be those that lose out, but it does not have to be permanent and there will also be those who win too. My description of a recession, is the transfer of wealth from one group of people to another. Some of the wealthiest people in history made their fortune in times like these. The only people that lose out indefinitely are those who do not take note of what is happening and adapt accordingly.

So is this recession going to affect those in the internet marketing industry?

My answer is YES!!! But in different ways.

Depending upon what you market is and whether you are prepared to make appropriate adaptations to your business, will be the defining factor of where your business will end up.

For instance, as many people lose their jobs and/or need to take on extra work to supplement their income, more and more people will turn to the internet in the next few years. If you are in a position whereby you are selling quality training products for Internet Marketing, that puts you in good stead.

Due to the worldwide reach of the internet, more and more people will realise that if they put their business online, they will be less affected by recessions or financial downturns in their home country.

What we need to do is be aware of what is going on in the world but resist the urge to panic. This is time for change and time to seize the opportunities that will come in the direction of internet marketers. Take the time to get your skills and products up to scratch, so that when those who turn to the internet come knocking, we are there with the goods to deliver. Use the time to build your reputation and gain credibility in your knowledge, products and service and when the floodgates open, your name, your brand and your talent will attract more customers than you could imagine.

Position yourself to be one of the winners that the media is not talking about now but will take note of when the recession is over.

Although bad news sells, after going through bad experiences and hardships, people automatically want to hear some good news - that is when the media will start latching onto and promoting those who have succeeded despite what has been going on.

Keep learning, testing and growing. Even if times get hard, keep going. There are rewards for those who do.

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